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Ensure good cash flow awareness with Brixx, a powerful cash flow forecast and management tool.

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Any and every income type

To understand your cash flow, you need to accurately account for every source of income. Be it products, services or dividends, the simple Brixx approach enables you to model all of your cash inflows


A clear overview of all your expenses


Brixx will account for all your expenses, from operational costs to pension contributions, making it really easy to see their financial impact on your bottom line.

Payment timing

Ensure liquidity by modelling payment terms

Forecasting accurately is crucial to maintain the liquidity of the business. The flexibility of Brixx allows you to model the cash cycle of all transactions of income, expenditure, assets and funding, giving you a holistic picture of cash flow.

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Understand and manage your assets in Brixx


Brixx will help you account for all your assets as you develop your cash flow. Report on any asset in your business – from vehicles, offices or equipment, and make informed decisions with a plan tailored specifically to your business.


Maintain an overview of your funding requirements


Brixx will calculate and show your funding position, to ensure that there is enough cash to manage your business effectively and meet all your financial obligations.

Cash flow forecast to ensure growth






Getting started with Brixx cash flow forecasting


Model your business


Build your forecast


Establish your plan


Our customers put it best

Each time we look for new funding, we produce a Brixx cash flow

I’ve looked at quite a few options in the marketplace, and Brixx seems the easiest to get my head around with my level of commercial finance knowledge.

Richard Simpson - Myconeos
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Common Cash Flow Forecasting FAQs

What is cash flow forecasting?

Cash flow forecasting is the process of creating estimates of the amount of incoming and outgoing cash a business finances over a specified period of time, usually monthly or annually. 

It involves predicting income and expenses to understand how much cash will be available at any given time.

Why is cash flow forecasting important?

Cash flow forecasting is important because it helps businesses understand how much money they expect to have in the future. This helps them plan for upcoming expenses, manage their finances more effectively, and make informed decisions about spending and saving.

Easy-to-use cash flow software with Brixx

You don’t need a financial background to forecast your business cash flow with Brixx. Its quick and easy to build a long-term monthly cash flow projection because Brixx calculates the numbers and does all the hard work for you. So you’ll have the financial information you need at your fingertips in no time at all.

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