May 2018 development roadmap preview

Add financial calculators called components to a Brixx plan

Hello! Today I’m going to run through what we’re currently working on in the app and the features we are looking at introducing in the future.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen a sneaky-peek at the whiteboard by my desk showing our list of future features! Of course, we use software to plan out our future development in more detail – but having key features on a whiteboard gives them a sense of solidity I think!

The story so far

We’ve had a busy spring here. It’s been a month since our major update at the start April which increased the speed of building plans in the app. Two weeks later, near the end of April, we released a further speed optimisation – this time to report load times, improving them by 20-30%.

We also released a free 14 day trial for new users – which we’ve been happy to see a lot of new Brixx plan builders signing up for. So, thank you all!

What’s in the pipeline for May?

Firstly, we are working on further speed improvements for report load times – watch this space!

As I mentioned in past posts, we’re also adding some new options to four of our existing components. These changes have been frequently requested – and so have become top of our priority list for development.


The loan component adds a loan to the business – providing cash and adding capital and interest payments to the plan. We’re adding new manual options for capital and interest payments, allowing for situations like capital repayments holidays and custom interest amounts (rather than percentages).


Assets are currently one-off purchases – each component representing a single existing or new asset purchase. The updated component will allow asset purchases to be made on a monthly basis, or ad-hoc asset purchases to be made in one component. The value of the asset will also be adjustable, where before asset value was entirely defined by its starting value and depreciation. Finally, there are three new depreciation options: straight line, % of current value and manual – I’ll explain these in detail in our release update 😉


The Investment component represents an investment the business makes – whether in funds, another business, or other investing activities. Currently, this component is a bit restricted, only allowing investments to grow by amounts rather than percentages. This was the first thing on the list for improvement, but we have also added a fee option (either as a percentage of the investment or a period amount) and the option to profile the sale of the investment, rather than just sell it at the end of the component in a lump sum.


A small improvement but one that will save space in plans, you will now be able to increase (or decrease) the number of employees in each employee component over the course of the plan.

On the horizon…. New reports and Sharing

I am also working on creating some new reports that will pull their figures directly from your existing plans. There will be no need for any configuration – the reports will automatically calculate their figures directly from existing plans.

  • Sales Report
  • Operational Cost Report
  • KPIs and Ratio Analysis Report
  • Asset Register Report

Our big summer project this year is Sharing. We’ve been carefully doing the groundwork for this – it’s going to be really exciting! I’ll preview this in full in a future post!
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