Seafoam Media and Brixx

Seafoam Media have utilised Brixx to help forecast and model their financial future.

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A financial forecasting template that is specifically structured for Yamaha dealerships.

Seafoam Media

Marketing consultancy and agency Seafoam Media offer a robust and growing marketing service in the city of St. Louis, Missouri.

“Our goal here in a big marketing city is based around our reputation,” says owner Nikki Bisel. “We want to be the company that when people talk about us, they say ‘We’ve heard great things about that company’. We want to do solid work that we love, for clients that we love!”


A history of Seafoam Media

Competing in a media-focused sector, Seafoam delivers standout service by their approach to results-driven campaigns for their clients. Focusing on relationships, transparency, effectiveness, and clarity, Nikki began the business by building systems and processes that revolve around in-person communication, candid conversations, and metric-driven success factors.

Building on those initial tenets, Seafoam has grown each year since its start in 2010. Always evolving, refining, and perfecting, the company continues to cultivate and nurture their foundational principles.

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Finding the right tool for your project

For the day to day financial management of her agency, Nikki tried a number of other software providers for cash flow reporting and forecasting without finding a suitable match.

“When I tried Brixx, it met my needs much better than the other ones. Once Brixx was all set up, it was a lot easier to play with in terms of forecasting.”

Nikki uses Brixx for her own business and considers herself relatively comfortable with numbers, but not by any means an accountant. “It was easy to set up initially. It still took a long time to put in all the numbers and set up the categories in a meaningful way. Not at all difficult, but time-consuming to get it exactly the way I wanted it. Brixx has done such a good job of solving the problem of accurate forecasting. It provides good clarity and insight into what the future would look like in different situations.”

“I really liked that it was easy to line items out. It is important for me to be able to forecast scenarios.

If I’m on the threshold of getting a new client to sign a contract sometime in the future, I need to be able to see how it affects my businesses’ cashflow and to see the profit the work will achieve. It was so easy to see those line items set out and check them on or off, and really quickly see how cashflow is affected. It was mind-boggling to me that no other piece of software seems to do that well at all. Brixx is above and beyond on that front! The way the whole layout is designed is based around that.”

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Why settle on using Brixx?

While Seafoam Media have used the software for cashflow and forecasting, they haven’t used it for costing out new business services. “Our services are pretty solid,” says Nikki. “Our growth model is focussed around taking on more clients. Brixx is great for analysing at which point I can recruit new staff. I run the figures to check the effects on adding or reducing revenue versus adding more employees. Where my passion lies, is in growing the business. I need to be able to see when we can hire new people and when we can afford it.”

“Recommending Brixx to our clients and other businesses looking for cashflow and forecasting software has been easy, we’ve definitely mentioned it to quite a few people. We typically don’t get into the finances and numbers for our clients, so haven’t needed to use the software for them.”

Another bonus as far as Nikki is concerned is the good online support and help. “I’ve gotten responses that are really, really in-depth. I was very appreciative of that.”

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The future of Seafoam Media

“We’re not planning on growth with no bounds. The key thing for me goes back to what different revenue situations look like and when we’ll be hiring people. I know that Brixx has just released a new module to see a budget or forecast versus actual spend.

I haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited to see what it offers! Brixx just works, put your info in and once you get everything in there it does exactly what it needs to do.”

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