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Short, mid, and long term

For proper FP&A you have the freedom of a 10 year window

Historic data is needed for proper analysis and forecast accuracy. Model your past year(s) and then plan your financials further into the future, to have a holistic view of the business’s past, present, and future.


See your manage your funding requirements in your business plan


As you forecast, Brixx will calculate and show you of your funding requirements. Now you can model those into the forecast to show interest payments and reassure investors. Ensure that you have the funding instruments in place to underpin your cash requirements.


Understand the life cycle and utilization of your assets and model and track them in Brixx

Brixx easily incorporates and models your business assets from purchase through to utilization and disposal. Understand the depreciation and amortization impact on your reports.

FP&A powered by Brixx

10 year window



Funding requirements


Getting started with Brixx FP&A


Model your business


Build your forecast


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Our customers put it best

'When I tried Brixx, it met my needs much better than the other software'

Recommending Brixx to our clients and other businesses looking for cashflow and forecasting software has been easy, we’ve definitely mentioned it to quite a few people. Brixx just works, put your info in and once you get everything in there it does exactly what it needs to do.

Nikki Bisel - Seafoam Media
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Common FP&A FAQs

Why do you need financial planning and analysis?

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is a method within accounting that incorporates strategic planning, financial modeling, and data analysis. 

FP&A exists to be a roadmap for a business’ financial health, allowing them to make informed decisions based on financial logic. The overarching aim is to ensure financial stability while optimizing performance and growth prospects.

Why is FP&A important?

FP&A is essential as it provides the framework to allow businesses to make informed financial decisions to achieve both short and long-term goals.

By analyzing historical data, forecasting trends, and evaluating performance, FP&A enables stakeholders to understand their financial position, identify potential risks, and develop strategies to maximize profitability and sustainability.

Can you manage your FP&A with Brixx?

Brixx is a FP&A tool designed for businesses to create, visualize, and track their financial plans. Users can easily input their financial data, create detailed projections, and analyze various scenarios to make informed decisions about their business strategy. Additionally, Brixx provides customizable templates and intuitive interfaces, making it accessible for users with varying levels of financial expertise.

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