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Bird-Eyewear-Team Case Study

‘Great usability and very intuitive’

Brixx is visually engaging, intuitive and easy for the whole business team to use. We understand our business better than we ever did before – from the smallest financial detail to the overall picture in just a couple of clicks.

Ed Bird - Bird Eyewear

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'Brixx is a flexible forecasting tool'

A forecast in Excel or any spreadsheet ends as an intensely complicated model. With Brixx, the effort, time, accuracy and ease of generating reports is much more efficient for my clients.

Malcolm Veall - Naked Accounting

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Accounting-Services-for-Business Case Study

‘Brixx is a fab product’

Brixx is ideal to work out financial figures and see if a business has got a viable business idea. If they’re thinking of expanding, we can quickly and easily put in the numbers and test the assumptions.

Peter Wood - Accounting Services for Business (ASfB)

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By using Brixx, you can make strategic plans based on realistic forecasts. Utilise a wealth of experience spanning over two decades.

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Accountants & Advisors

Accountants & Advisors

Brixx works with a variety of independent Accountants & Advisors experienced in using the software to help model and forecast their client's future development.

Accountants & Advisors
Software Integrations

Software Integrations

You will be able to map both the past and present financial data from your accounting software directly into Brixx with the help of these software integrations.

Software Integrations