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Clear, detailed reports

“Brixx is very easy to use”

Pietro, SaveBiking

Achieve your business goals with professional financial plans

Brixx takes care of all the hard work…there are no spreadsheets, no formulae, and no reports to configure. It all works out of the box. Which makes getting the right facts and figures to answer key financial questions quick and easy. This means you’re able to make informed decisions about the future and move your business in the right direction.

How Brixx Works

Building a dynamic and flexible financial model is at the heart of good business planning.
Brixx makes this as simple as one, two, three...


Build your model

Starting from a template, build a model of your business from simple components. Quickly see a visual picture of all your financial activities across the whole business.


Forecast your numbers

Simple calculators automate the numbers for you. You’re guided through everything from product sales, employee salaries to VAT payments.


Simulate scenarios

Brixx is designed with testing out scenarios in mind. Adjust timelines and turn on/off any item in your model and immediately see the effects on your bottom line.

Model the future of businesses of any size, complexity or industry.

Brixx is built for businesses like yours

Because businesses come in all shapes and sizes, we’ve designed Brixx to be as flexible and versatile as possible. Its simple, friendly interface is easy to get to grips with whatever your level of financial knowledge. And its huge range of features mean that you can model the future of businesses of any size, complexity or industry.

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We focus on our numbers so you can have confidence in yours

Brixx has accuracy and integrity built into its unique time-based engine so you can have complete confidence and trust in your numbers. This means you can plan your business strategies based on reliable and realistic forecasts.

It’s why Brixx has been used by thousands of businesses in all industries around the world. Our technology is trusted by social housing regulators in the UK for completing 30 year financial forecasts. It’s been used to plan everything from football clubs to breweries.


Business Plans Created



20+ years

Modelling Experience

“Brixx is just a brilliant application”

Peter Wood, Accounting Services for Business

Integration couldn’t be simpler

Our integration with other accounting software completely automates the process of syncing your actuals with your Brixx forecast, giving you a head start in Brixx through your existing company data.

After a simple connection process, Brixx presents you with a structured model of your business. Your chart of accounts gets mapped to Brixx components and your past data is extrapolated to give your forecast a quick starting point.

“This integration takes care of everything for us...Brixx has been game changing”

Nick Stewart, Nimbitech
Financial Forecasting Integrations
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See the power of Brixx in action

The best way to get to grips with Brixx is to try it! There’s no sign up needed. Just take our guided tour of Brixx and then jump into a real session with a pre-built plan for a bike shop.

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You’ll find all the tools you need to plan your business...

1-10 year forecasts

Explore your long term goals

Professional charts & reports

Visualise your financial future

Rapidly explore scenarios

Instantly ask “what-if” questions

Quick start templates

SAAS, e-commerce, hospitality and more!

Share plans in real-time

Live collaboration with your team & investors

Actuals vs forecast

Analyse your performance

Double-entry handled

All the accounting is calculated by the app

3-way forecasting

Automatically generates 3-way statements

Automated tax forecasts

Corporation Tax, VAT, GST and sales tax
Brixx Cash Flow Forecasting Software

...and the back-up you’d expect to help you get the best results

Live chat support

Friendly team

Regular app updates

Encrypted data

Learning resources

Our customers put it best

‘Great usability and very intuitive’

Brixx is visually engaging, intuitive and easy for the whole team to use. We understand our business better than we ever did before – from the smallest details to the overall picture in just a couple of clicks.

Ed Bird - Bird Eyewear
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