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Achieve your business goals with professional financial plans

Brixx Free: Financial Planning made easy

Brixx is designed for startups, businesses and accountants to plan the future and create beautiful charts and reports. It takes care of all the hard work for you. There are no spreadsheets, no formulae, and no reports to configure. It all works out of the box.
“A truly fantastic product”
Lizzie Davis, First Born Corporation

Simulate your business in minutes

Use simple drag and drop building blocks to model businesses of any size, complexity or industry. You’ll quickly have a complete simulation of your business to explore the future with.

“Very easy to use”
Pietro, SaveBiking

Cash flow projections and so much more

Model all cash in and out of your business over time, calculate your funding requirements and understand your burn rate.

Brixx makes it easy to look at the timing of large expenses like asset purchases or new hires.

All the tools you need to plan your business

1-10 year forecasts

Explore your long term goals

Professional charts & reports

Visualise your financial future

Rapidly explore scenarios

Instantly ask “what-if” questions

Quick start templates

SAAS, e-commerce, hospitality and more!

Share plans in real-time

Live collaboration with your team & investors

Actuals vs forecast

Analyse your performance

Double entry handled

All the accounting is calculated by the app

3-way forecasting

Automatically generates 3-way statements

Automated tax forecasts

Corporation Tax, VAT, GST and sales tax

Make better business decisions

The decisions you make today will have an impact on tomorrow’s bank balance. Brixx enables you to test your business ideas and understand the ramifications of your actions before you put them into play.

"It’s a brilliant application"
Peter Wood, Accounting Services for Business

Write a better business plan

It’s so much easier to write a persuasive business plan when you have confidence in your numbers.

How will your business react to an increase in supplier costs? What if your sales are lower than expected? Model these scenarios in Brixx so you’re equipped to answer all your investor’s burning questions.

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Plan for success with Brixx Free

Easily create your financial charts and reports, input your income and expenses and forecast your business for success. Everyone can now plan their business finances for free forever.

Financial planning for accountants and advisors

Deliver business plans and financial planning services with a modern, easy to understand tool that you and your clients will love.

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Crunch Accounting Integration

Our Crunch integration allows you to access our free Sales and Cost forecasting plan using your Crunch sign on credentials. In an instant your last 12 months of Crunch income and cost data are imported, ready for you to explore.

Xero integration


Our integration with Xero completely automates actuals syncing with your Brixx forecast. We’ve got more accounting integrations in the pipeline too!

“This integration takes care of everything for us.”

“Brixx has been game changing to our board meetings. Before this integration with Xero we had a manual task of updating actuals in spreadsheets. This is no longer the case as this integration takes care of everything for us. Would highly recommend, keep doing amazing things everyone at Brixx! 👏🏻”
Nick Stewart

Why Brixx

Brixx has been used by thousands of businesses in all industries around the world. Our technology is trusted by Social Housing regulators in the UK for completing 30 year financial forecasts. It’s been used to plan everything from football clubs to breweries.

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Live chat support

We pride ourselves on world class support. We’re here to help through live in-app chat or email support. Jump onboard and say hi to the team!

Encrypted data

All your financial data is safely stored and encrypted. The only people who can access your information are those you share it with.

Friendly team

We’re a friendly, approachable team enthusiastic about providing great experiences. We’re always happy to chat and hear your feedback.

Learning resources

Our blog and helpdesk are filled with rich resources to help you use Brixx and learn about business planning. We’re always writing more!

Regular app updates

We work with our passionate customers to evolve the platform, releasing dozens of updates every year with an exciting roadmap ahead of us.

Numbers with integrity

Brixx has accuracy and integrity built into its unique time-based engine so you can have complete confidence and trust in your forecasts.

‘Great usability and very intuitive’

Brixx is visually engaging, intuitive and easy for the whole team to use. We understand our business better than we ever did before – from the smallest details to the overall picture in just a couple of clicks.
Ed Bird - Bird Eyewear

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