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Financial forecasting resources for your business
What is Revenue Bridge Analysis
8 min read
19 September 2023

What is Revenue Bridge Analysis?

In this article, we'll explore what exactly revenue bridge is, and why it holds a pivotal role in financial analysis....

4 min read
15 September 2023

6 Ways Financial Forecasting Isn’t What You Think It Is

Financial forecasting is a discipline shrouded in mysticism. How do people make predictions and why do people use it if...

Balance Sheet Template for excel and google sheets.

Free Balance Sheet Template

Brixx has created a free Balance Sheet Template that allows you to forecast up to 12 months into the future.

A graphic of a man holding an upwards arrow indicating business growth

Plan Business Growth – Free Download

Navigate the basics of a 3-way forecast with the free guide from Brixx. Plan for successful business growth with an...

bank reconciliation featured image
6 min read
14 September 2023

What is Bank Reconciliation?

Navigating the financial landscape of a business involves various important practices, and one of the most crucial among them is...

8 min read
13 September 2023

Cash Flow Forecasting for SAAS

Cash flow or financial planning has an immediate impact on the efficiency of your business's operation. Read about cash flow...