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Financial forecasting resources for your business
SWOT Analysis For Startups
6 min read
16 April 2024

SWOT Analysis For Startups

A SWOT analysis can help you see your startup from different perspectives and angles that you may not have before.

Management Reporting Best Practices & Examples – Brixx
7 min read
5 April 2024

Management Reporting: Best Practices & Examples – Brixx

Management reporting is a type of report given to management-level employees within a business. A management report typically involves employees...

Balance Sheet Template for excel and google sheets.

Free Balance Sheet Template

Brixx has created a free Balance Sheet Template that allows you to forecast up to 12 months into the future.

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Free Profit & Loss Template With Examples For Spreadsheets

A 12-month FREE Profit and Loss Template to help you measure the efficiency of your business, a key indicator for...

how the 13 week cash flow forecast is the answer to your financial worries
8 min read
26 March 2024

What is a 13 Week Cash Flow Forecast in Accounting?

The 13 week cash flow forecast is a tool for improving cash management in your business. Dedicating just a small...

Balance Sheet Template for excel and google sheets.
3 min read
22 March 2024

Free Balance Sheet Template

Get a free balance sheet template on us! Using a simple, easy to understand structure with automatic formulas, charts and...