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The Importance of Revision History in Financial Forecasting
21 June 2024
7 min read

The Importance of Revision History in Financial Forecasting

Revision history, a feature often seen in document editing and software development, is vital in financial forecasting tools. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of revision history, its critical role in financial forecasting, and the numerous benefits it offers.

Can Spreadsheets Still Help with FP&A
5 min read
17 July 2024

Can Spreadsheets Still Help with FP&A?

The spreadsheet still remains a staple across many finance departments. This raises an important question: Can they still help with...

tape measures showing centimetres
9 min read
11 June 2024

Variance Analysis in Budgeting & Accounting

By conducting variance analysis, businesses can identify areas of improvement, determine the causes of any deviations from the plan, and...

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Free Profit & Loss Template With Examples For Spreadsheets

A 12-month FREE Profit and Loss Template to help you measure the efficiency of your business, a key indicator for...

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Free Business Plan Template

Every new business needs a a business plan. Our FREE business plan template helps guide you to better explain why...

what is a gearing ratio
7 min read
16 July 2024

Gearing Ratios Explained – How to Use Leverage Analysis

In the final part of the KPI and Ratio series we're looking at gearing ratios, which reveal the inherent risks...

Profitability Ratios and KPIs you need to know
8 min read
17 July 2024

Key Profitability Ratios for your Business

Profitability metrics are a group of key performance indicators that analysts use to measure businesses. This week we explain profitability...