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Financial forecasting resources for your business
Graphic of people competing, one with clear advantage
5 min read
27 September 2023

The Top 4 Advantages of Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasts are key to helping your business make the unknown a little more known! Let's take a look at...

Section 179 What is a 179 Deduction in Finance
7 min read
22 September 2023

Section 179: What is a 179 Deduction in Finance?

One of the most valuable tools in a business owner's arsenal is the Section 179 Deduction. If you're a business...

Balance Sheet Template for excel and google sheets.

Free Balance Sheet Template

Brixx has created a free Balance Sheet Template that allows you to forecast up to 12 months into the future.

A graphic of a man holding an upwards arrow indicating business growth

Plan Business Growth – Free Download

Navigate the basics of a 3-way forecast with the free guide from Brixx. Plan for successful business growth with an...

What is Revenue Bridge Analysis
8 min read
19 September 2023

What is Revenue Bridge Analysis?

In this article, we'll explore what exactly revenue bridge is, and why it holds a pivotal role in financial analysis....

4 min read
15 September 2023

6 Ways Financial Forecasting Isn’t What You Think It Is

Financial forecasting is a discipline shrouded in mysticism. How do people make predictions and why do people use it if...