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Using Forecasting For Financial Pitch Deck Slide blog post header image for Brixx of a financial presentation to investors
3 min read
17 June 2022

Using Forecasting For Financial Pitch Deck Slides

Any investor with a genuine interest in the business will want to see detailed financial pitch deck slides to gain...

Common Places Where Entrepreneurs Meet Potential Investors blog post header image by Brixx of business people gathering together
6 min read
19 May 2022

Common Places Where Entrepreneurs Can Meet Potential Investors

We go over common places where you can meet potential investors to pitch your startup or business to. Significant amount...

Image of coins and game pieces being gathered in a crowd for the Why Use Crowdfunding For Startups? blog post from Brixx
5 min read
12 May 2022

Why Use Crowdfunding For Startups?

Crowdfunding for startups is one of the less traditional means for raising funds, but is quickly gaining in popularity. Here,...

Man in business suit looking at doodles of startup success for the How To Find Potential Investors To Pitch To blog post
7 min read
5 May 2022

How To Find Potential Investors To Pitch To

Having an investor-ready pitch deck is one thing but you still need to find potential investors to present your pitch...

Blog post header image for "Top 10 Mistakes That Startups Make When Creating A Seed Funding Pitch Deck" by Brixx of a woman gasping at her computer
9 min read
27 April 2022

10 Common Pitch Deck Mistakes Startups Make

When we talk about business pitch decks, it is easy to assume that there is a one-size-fits-all approach. There are...

Image of a man presenting data on a whiteboard for the Top 10 Pitch Deck Tips: Get Investor Ready blog post header
5 min read
22 April 2022

Top 10 Pitch Deck Tips To Help Your Business Get Investor Ready

An effective pitch deck should allow you to fully customise it to suit your company’s needs and generally speaking, a...