Financial forecasting resources for your business
the challenges of financial planning as a new business
5 min read
24 May 2023

What are the Challenges of Financial Planning in Business?

Startups by their very nature are breaking new ground. It’s perhaps ironic then that many are founded by entrepreneurs who...

11 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Your Business 
10 min read
19 May 2023

11 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Your Business 

In this post, we'll explore 11 different ways you can use ChatGPT to improve your business operations.

can industry benchmarks help financial forecasting
4 min read
14 February 2023

How to Use Industry Benchmarks for your Business Financial Plan

Over December 2022 and Early January 2023, we have released several updates and bug fixes to improve our user experience....

Brixx And Crunch A Financial Forecasting Masterclass
3 min read
28 September 2022

Brixx And Crunch: A Financial Forecasting Masterclass

The integration between Brixx and Crunch means that you are able to visualise your company's financial future and see the...

22 min read
3 March 2021

How to Start a Photography Business

Like all businesses, starting a photography business isn’t as simple as registering and getting hired as a freelancer in photojournalism....

income component
18 min read
18 August 2020

How to Start a Clothing Line from Scratch

So, you want to start your own clothing business? Welcome to the guide on how to do just that. In...