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Financial forecasting resources for your business
the challenges of financial planning as a new business
5 min read
24 May 2023

What are the Challenges of Financial Planning in Business?

Startups by their very nature are breaking new ground. It’s perhaps ironic then that many are founded by entrepreneurs who...

11 min read
5 May 2023

How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Business Plan

Using ChatGPT to write a business plan might sound appealing, but it's not as simple as relying on AI for...

SWOT Analysis For Startups
6 min read
16 December 2021

SWOT Analysis For Startups

A SWOT analysis can help you see your startup from different perspectives and angles that you may not have before.

e-commerce integrations
4 min read
21 July 2021

5 (Not Obvious) E-commerce Integrations for Businesses

One of the major benefits of being an e-commerce business owner is the ability to connect your e-commerce platform to...

14 min read
20 April 2021

How to start a cake business from home

In our newest 'starting a business' article, we take a look at one of the most popular business to start...

How to create a cash flow forecast for a food van
17 min read
2 February 2021

How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast for a Food Van Business

Whether you’re an established food truck/van owner or you’ve just got the seed of an idea, you’ll know that it’s...