Business Management

Financial forecasting resources for your business
8 min read
13 April 2021

Change Management – Planning a shakeup in your business

The last year has thrown up some major issues for businesses, but the best have adapted in order to survive....

9 min read
6 November 2020

How to use sensitivity analysis to protect your business’ future

Financial forecasting & modelling is all about trying to predict the future of your business and sensitivity analysis is just...

Acrrual basis vs cash basis
10 min read
28 July 2020

Accrual Accounting vs Cash Accounting: Methods Explained

In this article we unpack the differences between accrual basis and cash basis accounting. Find out which method benefits your...

how to launch a business
15 min read
3 February 2020

How to Launch Your Business and Generate Fast Revenue Growth

In the last article of the 90 day challenge, we discussed how to successfully complete a soft launch. With a...

train track bridge with clouds and green hills
7 min read
2 July 2019

How tracking business goals can turn your data into actions

In the first of 3 articles on 'A Beginner's Guide to Variance Analysis', I’m going to explain what actual vs...

commuication two phones on leads
10 min read
25 June 2019

How you can make your small team punch above their weight

What makes some small teams more successful than others? And what are the key ingredients that make for a superstar...