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What is GST in Accounting
7 min read
1 September 2023

What is GST in Accounting? (Goods and Services Tax Explained)

Goods and services tax (GST), is a value-added tax (VAT) on the supply of goods and services. Registered businesses include...

What is a Pricing Strategy
8 min read
30 August 2023

What is a Pricing Strategy? How to Identify a Strategy for Your Business

So far this week we’ve looked at how to choose the right business model for your startup. Now, we’ll be...

Year Over Year (YOY) in Finance: What Does it Mean and How is it Used?
7 min read
19 July 2023

Year Over Year (YOY) in Finance: What Does it Mean and How is it Used?

Year-over-year (YOY) is a financial term used to compare data for a specific period of time with the corresponding period...

what is sensitivity analysis
9 min read
30 June 2023

What is Sensitivity Analysis in Finance?

Financial forecasting & modelling is all about trying to predict the future of your business and sensitivity analysis is just...

8 min read
13 June 2023

GAAP: What are Generally Accepted Accounting Principles?

Accounting is the backbone of any organization's financial operations - however, it has to be done correctly and within regulations....

what are accounting standards
3 min read
7 June 2023

What are Accounting Standards?

Accounting standards are a set of principles and guidelines that all accounting professionals and businesses must follow when preparing financial...