Financial forecasting resources for your business
what is sortino ratio
5 min read
23 May 2024

What is the Sortino Ratio?

The Sortino ratio is a risk-adjusted performance measure that is similar to the Sharpe ratio. Learn why it is important...

what is cash flow analysis - 6 Cash Flow Analysis Examples
7 min read
14 May 2024

6 Cash Flow Analysis Examples for Exploring Key Business Scenarios

Once you've created a cash flow forecast, you're in a great position to start examining future scenarios for your business....

Why entrepreneurs should take risks
5 min read
10 May 2024

Why All Entrepreneurs Should Take Risks

Risk-taking is an essential part of entrepreneurship, and it's what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest. In this article,...

what are liquid assets
8 min read
8 May 2024

What are Liquid Assets?

In the realm of finance, liquid assets are the lifeblood of financial flexibility. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into...

what is incremental budgeting
7 min read
8 May 2024

What is Incremental Budgeting in Finance?

Capital budgeting enables informed decision-making regarding the allocation of financial resources for projects that contribute to the company's growth and...

3 min read
3 May 2024

Reducing The SME Administrative Burden

The burden of excessive bureaucracy is one of the leading causes of lost productivity for businesses. Admin, record keeping and...