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Header image of a super hero cat with the title The Big Financial Terms Jargon Buster

Financial Jargon Buster Guide

When it comes to finance, jargon can quickly become confusing. In this piece, we aim to chop this jargon up...

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what is the profit and loss report

What is the Profit and Loss Forecast Report?

Why is this sandwich being measured? Read on to find out. This week we take a look at the profit...

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Cash Flow Forecasting for SAAS

Cash flow or financial planning has an immediate impact on the efficiency of your business's operation. Read about cash flow...

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How Long Should a Financial Forecast Be?

How Long Should a Financial Forecast Be?

In this article in our series on the basics of Financial Forecasting, we take a look at how long your...

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Brixx Video Guides

We have created a number of video guides that allow you to follow step-by-step tutorials in perfecting your use of Brixx.

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Templates and Downloads

We have a variety of important templates and downloads that can help you in your financial modelling journey.

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The Brixx Help Centre

Our support and knowledge base allows you to fully review all aspects of the Brixx modelling platform.


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'Brixx will help us decide when our company has reached its ideal size'

We use Brixx on an ad hoc basis to model new ideas and look at recruitment. We certainly use the reports, they’re nice and you can see the modifications. Brixx is great for seeing the effect on profit and loss, for example seeing the effect on cash position by recruitment.

Martin Hepworth - Cindercone
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