Financial Forecasting for Large Enterprises

Streamline operations, enhance cohesiveness, and ensure a competitive edge with long-term financial planning throughout the enterprise.

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Financial Forecasting for Enterprises

The challenges for Enterprises

Plan with confidence

What-if analysis in Brixx safeguards your enterprise from unforeseen factors, and readies you for sudden opportunities. Quickly model and stress-test your strategies and assess potential risks. The proactive approach will safeguard financial stability and enable strategic decision-making.

Value at a glance

In boardrooms and C-suite meetings, insightful data must be easily digestible. Do away with the time-consuming process of preparing financial data for these meetings. Brixx generates presentation-ready reports, highlighting key metrics and KPIs, and its visualisations quickly and easily communicate performance and forecasts, to secure buy-in from stakeholders.

Break out of siloes

Performance and monitoring is hampered if various stakeholders are not aligned on goals and targets. Brixx allows for transparency through collaborative work. Now the right people across the company can weigh in and refine plans together in real-time to accelerate decision making.

Cohesion amid complexity

Compiling inputs from multiple locations and lines of business can lead to delay and inconsistency. Adopting Brixx enables all departments to utilise the same platform for financial forecasting and reporting, driving cohesiveness and collaboration across the organisation. The unified approach reduces errors, while Brixx collaborative features enable leadership and managers to get direct insights into KPIs, budgets and projections enterprise wide, with modifications being propagated in real time.

Scalability without added inefficiencies

Growth and expansion can lead to inefficiencies and increased complexity. Brixx allows you to plan for flexibility and adaptability, and maintain financial forecasting accuracy and efficiency. With each part of the business utilising Brixx, proper forecasts, their effects and requirements are harmonious across the company, ensuring scaling doesn’t outpace growth.

Maximise project potential

Forecasting large, complex projects requires modelling diverse inputs and outputs. Brixx allows you to model as detailed as you want for every project type, allowing resource optimisation, data-driven decisions and profitability analysis, so you can focus on ventures with the highest long-term value. Updating the model for the duration of the project provides real-time insights into project performance, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Model acquisitions and mergers

In Brixx you can model every business, which provides valuable insights when analysing A&M scenarios, internal or external. The powerful forecasting capabilities help identify best opportunities, and allow for informed decision-making.

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Brixx addresses key pain points and provides valuable solutions for enterprises. A unified view of performance across business units ensures real time visibility, and decision makers can finally gain accurate insights and projections to strategically steer the business through changing market conditions.

Wrapped in your branding and with a template created for your needs, Brixx is the financial forecasting solution of choice for enterprise size users.

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