A simple, powerful business planning tool

Brixx is used by people with a range of different levels of financial experience and expertise. Whether you’re planning your first startup or are a seasoned finance professional, there’s a set of features in the Brixx toolbox that’s right for you.

Brixx Financial Forecasting - Work With Us

Flexible features designed around you

Easily create cashflow projections to help you track your business cash

  • Create 10 year forecasts that inform key strategic business decisions
  • See all cash in & out in detailed charts & reports
  • Works for all industries and both product or service businesses
  • Set assumptions around payment terms
Easily create cash flow projections

Forecast calculators do all the hard work for you

  • Forecasts are made from modular components
  • Each component calculates a salary, loan or sale for example
  • The accounting is seamlessly completed behind the scenes
  • Build complex financial plans with simple building blocks
Forecast calculators

The versatile financial timeline puts you in complete control

  • A project timeline view for all business activities
  • Each row controls when figures impact your reports
  • Drag and drop start or end dates
  • Shift entire projects in time
  • Perfect for testing date sensitive scenarios
The versatile financial timeline

Automated accounting makes generating professional reports simple.

  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow
  • Smart, professional layouts
  • Break down rows to trace the origin of any number
  • Double entry accounting handled for you
  • Change an activity and all reports update
Automated accounting

Share and collaborate on your numbers with ease

  • Add a team of 5 collaborators to your account.
  • Collaborate with your team in real time.
  • View earlier plan versions with our version history tool.
  • Add free viewers with non-team member access.
Share and collaborate on your numbers

Scenario testing to explore 'what ifs'

  • Highly flexible for rapidly testing changes
  • Copy entire plans or parts of plans to create variations quickly
  • Switch on or off different parts of your plan
  • Easily add new projects separate to normal business activities
Scenario testing to explore 'what ifs'

Get a complete picture of your business

One clear view that everyone in the team can see, understand and have a conversation around without requiring a financial expert to navigate or explain. It’s a visual picture of your business.

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Get a complete picture of your business

You’ll find all the tools you need to plan your business...

1-10 year forecasts

Explore your long term goals

Professional charts & reports

Visualise your financial future

Rapidly explore scenarios

Instantly ask “what-if” questions

Quick start templates

SAAS, e-commerce, hospitality and more!

Share plans in real-time

Share plans in real-time

Actuals vs forecast

Analyse your performance

Double-entry handled

All the accounting is calculated by the app

3-way forecasting

Automatically generates 3-way statements

Automated tax forecasts

Corporation Tax, VAT, GST and sales tax

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