Brixx Software Case Studies

Companies over the world use Brixx to plan the future of their business using financial forecasting and modelling. See how users have utilised Brixx.

Crunch and Brixx - Giving you a complete financial picture
Accounting Services for Business

ASfB and Brixx

‘Brixx is a fab product’

Brixx is ideal to be able to sit down with business owners to work out their figures and see if they have got a viable business idea. If they’re thinking of expanding, we can quickly and easily put in the numbers and test the assumptions.

Peter Wood - Accounting Services for Business (ASfB)
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Bird Eyewear Team

Bird Eyewear and Brixx

‘Great usability and very intuitive’

Brixx is visually engaging, intuitive and easy for the whole team to use. We understand our business better than we ever did before – from the smallest details to the overall picture in just a couple of clicks.

Ed Bird - Bird Eyewear
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cindercone case study image

Cindercone and Brixx

'Brixx will help us decide when our company has reached its ideal size'

We use Brixx on an ad hoc basis to model new ideas and look at recruitment. We certainly use the reports, they’re nice and you can see the modifications. Brixx is great for seeing the effect on profit and loss, for example seeing the effect on cash position by recruitment.

Martin Hepworth - Cindercone
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mintmech case study brixx

MintMech and Brixx

'It’s really clever software and so easy to use'

The value for money delivered by Brixx is unbeatable. It would have taken us hours to put together the figures, never mind the slick reports which are automatically generated by Brixx.

Jack Berryman - MintMech
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Myconeos case study Brixx

Myconeos and Brixx

Each time we look for new funding, we produce a Brixx cash flow

I’ve looked at quite a few options in the marketplace, and Brixx seems the easiest to get my head around with my level of commercial finance knowledge.

Richard Simpson - Myconeos
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naked accounting case study brixx

Naked Accounting and Brixx

'We’re using Brixx primarily as a really flexible forecasting tool'

There isn’t anything you can’t do in Excel, but on the other hand, you could also buy the parts and build a car, but why would you?

Malcolm Veall - Naked Accounting
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seafoam media case study brixx

Seafoam Media and Brixx

'When I tried Brixx, it met my needs much better than the other software'

Recommending Brixx to our clients and other businesses looking for cashflow and forecasting software has been easy, we’ve definitely mentioned it to quite a few people. Brixx just works, put your info in and once you get everything in there it does exactly what it needs to do.

Nikki Bisel - Seafoam Media
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Yoga with Ainhoa case studay

Yoga with Ainhoa and Brixx

‘Brixx rocks’

It was a really nice exercise to see with my own eyes how the money flows in and out of the business

Ainhoa - Yoga with Ainhoa
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