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Solutions for SMBs

You don’t need a financial background to plan your startup with Brixx. It’s quick and easy to build a long-term monthly cashflow projection and work out just how much funding you’ll need to get started.

SMB Solutions
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Solutions for Enterprises

As your business has grown, the chances are that financial planning is not your first passion. That’s why we’ve designed Brixx to take care of all the hard work for you.

Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for Franchises

Brixx has helped businesses as diverse as football clubs, social housing providers and national franchises. The flexibility of Brixx allows its use across any industry

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Our Industry Solutions

Brixx has worked with over 15,000 businesses across 90+ countries. No matter your business, the Brixx financial modelling tool can help.

Brixx can be used by any business selling goods or services, whether online, through brick-and-mortar, or via a SAAS solution. The application of Brixx is universal, and can be refined to the exact requirements of your industry.

This is why Brixx have created a host of templates that can be used as a starting point for any business, regardless of financial expertise. They provide a framework to work within, so that you can build out the perfect financial model for your business.

Clear, detailed reports


With Brixx, your accounting firm will have access to a powerful set of financial modelling tools designed to generate clear, accurate forecasts efficiently and effectively.


Bike Shops

Like any business, bike shops need financial forecasting to plan their future. Brixx gives your bicycle shop the tools to deliver the financial information needed as and when you need it.

bike shop modelling

Coffee Shops

Coffee shop owners rely upon financial forecasts as they provide an estimate of the financial performance of the business in the future. Get started with Brixx.

who can use brixx coffee shop forecasting


As a consultant, you will need financial forecasts to accurately understand when the right time will be to grow and invest in your company. Brixx can give you those tools.

who can use brixx for consulting


As an e-commerce business, you will need to understand how your cash flow will change over the year and when to make difficult decisions. Brixx are here to help forecast those decisions.

who can use brixx e-commerce

Food Vans and Street Vendors

Food vans need financial forecasting to plan and budget for expenses such as food and supplies, labor, and equipment maintenance. Get started today with Brixx.

food van cash flow forecasting

Gardening and Landscaping

Financial forecasting is useful for identifying trends in the gardening industry and adjusting business strategies accordingly. This can help gardeners and landscapers to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and manage risk.

cash flow forecasting for landscapers


Manufacturers need forecasting to plan for future production and inventory levels, as well as to make informed decisions about new product development and resource allocation.

manufacturing financial forecasting


Photographers need financial forecasting to plan and manage their finances effectively and to plan for the future of their business. Brixx can help to make decisions about how to plan for the future.

cash flow forecasting for photography


There are a multitude of reasons as to why restaurants require financial modelling. All restaurants need to to plan for future expenses, such as food, labour, and rent – the three largest financial entities to be aware of.

restaurant financial modelling with brixx


Retail stores need to forecast in order to plan and budget for expenses and investments, alongside projecting what real-world sales and revenue will be. Brixx can help in identifying trends, managing risk, and knowing when to raise capital.

brixx forecasting retail


There are many financial aspects of a SaaS business that need to be considered through financial modelling and forecasting. For example, how do you reduce the churn of your product? Brixx can help you to find out.

saas financial forecasting

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