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We understand the challenges and blockers for SMBs, and we built Brixx with them in mind.

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The challenges for SMBs

Securing funding

Whether it’s a $10,000 grant to upgrade your service vehicle, or a $10,000,000 investment to take your business to the next level, the requirements are the same. You need to put together a business plan with financial projections that will stand up to critique.

Forget spreadsheets, messing around with accounts and formulas! You know your business and how the projection should look – build it quickly and easily in Brixx!

Use Brixx online reports and charts to present your numbers. Investors have a question or critique? Amaze them instantly by making a dynamic change with one click!

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Managing cash flow

Will you be able to cover the bills next month before the customer settles their invoice?

Cash flow mismanagement is the number one reason small businesses fail. Without a healthy cash flow you’ll struggle to cover your operational costs and may not get to the finish line.

Keeping an eye on your cash flow should be fun, intuitive, and easy – as it is with Brixx!

By bringing in your actuals you can compare with your forecast and know, at a glance, whether you’re on track or need to make adjustments – where and on time!

managing cash flow

Acquiring customers

A financial forecasting tool will not acquire customers for you, but planning for growth will ensure you’re ready and know what steps to take!

Quickly and easily create different scenarios with varied customer numbers and revenue. Estimate marketing spend, and see it all come together in charts and reports, understanding your break even point.

The dynamic nature or Brixx allows you to measure your actual progress versus your plan, and quickly adjust your pricing, ad spend, or other factors to focus on growing your customer base.

Acquiring customers with brixx

Hire & retain talent

Personnel costs are always a serious consideration. If you’re not paying them enough, you won’t be able to attract and retain top talent. Pay too much, and your business may collapse.

Proper planning of employee costs in different scenarios can be quite complex with other software, but not with Brixx! Plan for any number of employees, with different salaries, and easily try out varied scenarios – see what happens if you push that promotion back a bit, or start hiring early. This will equip you to offer the best you can to your people, while ensuring cash flow and financial health of your business.

Hire & retain talent with brixx

Lack of time

You’ve heard the expression: Work on your business, not in it.

As a business owner you know the value of planning. You just don’t have the time!

Enter Brixx

Built as a simple and intuitive solution, the Brixx approach means you can get your forecast done quickly, with no time lost on learning the tool.

Your financial model won’t require constant maintenance, and insights gained will save you valuable time when running your business.


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  • Know what’s working, what’s holding you back, and which decisions to make, based on pure data.
  • Easily compare your progress to the forecasted plan by inputting your actuals. This can be done manually or by integrating with accounting tools like Xero.
  • Stop worrying about your financial reporting. With 3-way forecasting all the reports you need are automatically generated – budget, balance, cash flow, P&L and more!
  • Share projections with potential investors, accountants or employees. Reviewing and collaborating online is easy and frictionless.

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