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what is business planning

What is business planning?

Business planning is the process of creating a formal business plan of action for the purpose of achieving longterm business objectives. The process allows business owners to run many scenarios and look at possibilities together with the risks and feasibility associated with each of these scenarios. The outcome of this process will be a business plan and financial forecast that needs resources and structure to achieve its aim.

why is a business plan so essential

Why is a business planning software so essential?

The business plan outlines the goals and objectives of the business, and provides a roadmap for how to achieve themThe  business plan can be used to communicate the goals of the business to all stakeholders. It provides a foundation to monitor and guide the progress of the business and make sure it is on track. One of the most essential elements of the business plan is the financial forecast. It will also be used to understand the funding requirements and secure financing.

financial forecast

The financial forecast

The most powerful and intuitive methodology to create a financial forecast is to create a financial model of the business. A Brixx financial model can look back and evaluate the historic activities and performance of the business and build the future possibilities to establish the business plan.


Brixx's business plan software features guide you to success

Learn more about the advantages of using a business planning software like Brixx. The features available are optimal in helping you to create and validate your business plan.


Brixx Foundations

With Brixx Foundations you can:

  • Create a sales forecast and a costs budget
  • View the gross profit of that sales forecast and the net profit of the business, taking into account that budget
  • View EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation)
  • The ideal solution for entrepreneurs, SMEs and divisions of large and corporate enterprises
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Brixx Essentials

With Brixx Essentials you can:

  • Easily create your sales forecast and budget as per Foundations
  • Bring in ‘Actuals’ to monitor, measure and manage the sales forecast and the budget
  • Add to Foundations the ‘Assets’ and ‘Funding’ elements of your business to see the P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet
brixx essentials

Brixx Professional

With Brixx Professional you can:

  • Create your 3 year business plan within a 5 year horizon
  • Create up to 3 plans
  • Connect to Xero
  • Make better informed business decisions understanding the financial ramifications of those decisions using Brixx
brixx pro

Brixx Enterprise

With Brixx Enterprise you can:

  • Create strategic longer term plans with up to a 10 year horizon
  • Model multiple ‘organisations’ – maybe outlets, geographies, product groups , divisions or group companies for example
  • Buy as many plans as you need to create
  • Manage the multiple organisations for clients, managers or other organisational or divisional leaders
brixx enter

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Each time we look for new funding, we produce a Brixx cash flow

I’ve looked at quite a few options in the marketplace, and Brixx seems the easiest to get my head around with my level of commercial finance knowledge.

Richard Simpson - Myconeos
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