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Build your forecast quickly with ready-made structures


Pick from a selection of templates to guide you in building your forecast. The many different sectors covered ensure you can get a quick start on your planning!


Use a standard business template or a sector-specific template to get a head start on building your forecast.

opening balance

Opening balance

Ensure forecast accuracy by starting from your business’ balanced opening position

Brixx allows you to input your opening balance down to the finest detail. This ensures that your financial forecast will always be balanced through time, demonstrating the accounting integrity of Brixx.

Income and expenditure

Plan your business the way you do business


Our simple building blocks represent every activity and area of your business, including income and expenditure.

Arrange these components to reflect your individual business structure and build a complete and detailed picture of your business as you see it.

Your structure is translated directly to the suite of automatically generated reports, giving you confidence and clarity in your numbers.

revenue expenses


Manage your financial performance against your business plan

By integrating your accounting tool or entering actuals manually, you can easily report against your forecasted plan, investigate any deltas and help you make the best decisions for your business going forwards.


Effectively manage your assets in Brixx


Planning for your business requires a holistic overview of your current or future potential assets. Brixx allows you to input any asset type, enabling you to make informed decisions and plan for your next purchase with confidence.


Manage your funding to ensure realistic business plans for your business

By building a strategic business plan with Brixx, you will be able to identify how much funding your business needs to cover its costs, and determine when you may need to generate more income, cut costs or borrow money. Allocate resources efficiently and effectively for further growth opportunities.

Business planning as it should be






Getting started with Brixx business planning


Model your business


Build your forecast


Establish your plan


Our customers put it best

'It’s really clever software and so easy to use'

The value for money delivered by Brixx is unbeatable. It would have taken us hours to put together the figures, never mind the slick reports which are automatically generated by Brixx.

Jack Berryman - MintMech
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Common Business Planning FAQs

What is business planning?

Business planning is the process of creating a formal business plan of action for the purpose of achieving long–term business objectives.

Business planning involves running different scenarios and reviewing potential feasibility and risks associated with each of these scenarios. The outcome of this process will be a business plan.

Why is a business planning tool so essential?

A business planning tool does all the hard work for you, saving you time and increasing reliability without the need for financial expertise. They automate, integrate, analyse and present data so that business-leaders can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

They can be used for both long-term strategic goals, as well as everyday, operational requirements.

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