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Tax management

Tax reports without the hassle

With easy tax management, your Brixx financial plan will provide a holistic view of tax obligations. Such clear visibility and breakdown will enhance decision making and identify tax obligations.

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Financial reports

Professional report suites generated in a click 

Drill down into your reports, line by line, to see the origin of the numbers. Plan changes are automatically updated in your reports.


Forecast window

Take the short, mid or long view – in the same plan

Switch between a monthly and yearly forecast with the click of a button! View charts and reports for the month, quarter, year.

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Enjoy a holistic view of your business’s progress at any time

The dashboard in your Brixx plan offers a selection of charts that provide a fast insight into your current situation and roadmap. For your peace of mind and data driven decision making, the numbers are there.


Brixx reports can be accessed and shared online, or download for immediate use

Exporting reports and charts from Brixx is easy and downloads are available in several formats, Excel and PDF included. Choose the report and date-range required and download the format required for your presentation.

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The financial reports you need






Getting started with Brixx reporting


Model your business


Build your forecast


Establish your plan


Our customers put it best

'Brixx is a flexible forecasting tool'

A forecast in Excel or any spreadsheet ends as an intensely complicated model. With Brixx, the effort, time, accuracy and ease of generating reports is much more efficient for my clients.

Malcolm Veall - Naked Accounting
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Common Financial Reporting FAQs

What are financial reports?

Financial reports are documents that show information about the financial performance and position of a business. These will typically include details about revenues, expenses, profits, assets, and more over a specific period of time.

How do financial reports help your business?

Financial reports are a crucial tool for managing and understanding the financial aspects of a business. They are usually prepared according to accounting standards and may include statements such as the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

These reports can help businesses identify key areas of improvement, monitor any financial goals, and highlight the business’ current financial position to all stakeholders.

What are the key financial reports to utilize?

Though there are many different types of financial reports to keep in mind, we recommend starting with the ‘big three’:

  • Cash flow statement
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet 

Together, these reports provide a comprehensive view of a business’s financial activities.

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