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Drive success


Provide expert guidance to deliver tangible results

Maximise productivity


Reduce time spent on calculations, devote more to client interactions

Grow your business


Expand your clientele and profitability through delivery of high-value services

Deeper Understanding

Develop a deep understanding

Build a model of your client’s business to illuminate it, and gain important insights at a glance.

Naked Accounting have modelled their clients’ forecasts based on real business activities, giving them an easier understanding of the client. See the case study.


Integrate with Xero

Connect Brixx with Xero accounting software to build a plan in record time! The Xero connection can automatically update actuals, allowing you to easily report against the forecasted plan.

Myconeos, a food biotechnology company, recommends integrating Brixx with Xero. See the case study.

Report like a boss

Report like a boss

Share access to the automatic Brixx reports with your client – enabling them to have a look whenever they want, and save valuable time.

ASFB (Accounting Services for Business) take control of their clients’ finances, providing them with visibility over their numbers through Brixx. See the case study.

Brixx Software

Provide a financial analysis

Using a 10 year window, encompass past year performances for a financial analysis. Wow your clients, and provide added value.

MintMech used Brixx to provide detailed financial analysis, winning an EU grant in the process. See the case study.

Save Time with Brixx

Save time

Break your dependency on spreadsheets. Get the model built in Brixx in a quarter of the time, and be sure there are no formula errors when you make changes.

Bird Eyewear have used Brixx to assess their finances in just a couple of clicks, saving more time for important business decisions. See the case study.

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