Financial Forecasting for Bike Shops

If you own a business, you need to ensure that you have accurate and up to date financial forecasts. Brixx gives your bicycle shop the tools to deliver the financial information needed as and when you need it.

Financial Forecasting for Bike Shops
A financial forecasting template that is specifically structured for Yamaha dealerships.

“With Brixx, the time, accuracy and ease of generating reports is much more efficient for my clients.”

Malcolm Veall, Naked Accounting

A financial modelling tool for bike shops

Like any business, bike shops need financial forecasting to plan for future expenses, revenue, and growth. Financial forecasting allows bike shop owners and managers to anticipate changes in the market, assess the potential success of new products or services, and make informed decisions about investments and expenditures. By forecasting their finances, bike shops can better manage their cash flow, identify potential financial risks, and make adjustments to their business strategies as needed to ensure their long-term financial stability.

Brixx is built on 20+ years of business modelling experience with a whole host of features, so  you’ll know you can trust the results. This means that you can confidently launch and forecast the future of your bike shop.

bike shop modelling

Who can use it?

  • Bike shop owners
  • Bike chain managers
  • Franchise owners

Brixx is Highly Accessible for:

  • Anyone with an understanding of the overall business
  • Not just an accountant or FD

What are the benefits?

  • The template reflects a real current business model – including all aspects of the biking industry
  • Quick and easy to use, with easy to read results and graphs
  • Quickly see the effects of additional income streams like loans
  • Instant feedback exploring different scenarios, e.g. special sales campaigns or new cycle launches

“Big picture thinking”

  • Understanding sales impact on overall profit
  • Proof of potential earnings planning for acquiring extra funding, e.g. bank loans
  • Early preparation for lean periods like the winter season
  • Resource planning for overheads such as new hires
  • Budgeting for new firms or business locations

How to use the template

The components of your bike shop

Every component of your bike shop business has been included in this template, from sales, to costs, to the assets of the business. In Brixx all aspects business can be modelled, and you are free to add to and modify the structure of your model to reflect the reality of your business.

components of bike shops

Adding forecast data

In each component you’ll enter a forecast covering the next 3 years. Sales forecasts include unit price and unit numbers, while costs of sale and OTR costs can be calculated automatically based on your forecasts.

adding forecast data bike shops


Brixx models handle the double-entry accounting for you, letting you concentrate on what matters most – understanding your business. Brixx generates a full cashflow, profit & loss and balance sheet based on your model, as well as a financial dashboard. Drill down in each to see the origin of your figures.

bike shop reporting

Comparing actual performance with your forecast

Track how your business is doing each month by comparing your forecast with actual values for each type of sale and cost. You’ll quickly see where you’re performing well, and which areas of the business need attention. Use this information to inform your forecasts, increasing the accuracy of your planning.

bike shop actuals complete

Getting started with Brixx is simple


Perfect for entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses to create sales forecasts, budgets and look at profitability and cashflow

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  • 1 organisation
  • 1 plan
  • 1 year forecast
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Budget report
  • Income + Cost forecasting
  • Financial dashboard


If you need to start managing budgets, reforecasting sales and evaluating actuals against forecasts. Also lets you bring in the full view of all elements of your business.

*Prices exclude local taxes

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Everything in Foundations

  • Full report suite
  • 3-way forecasting
  • Tax calculations
  • Cash payment terms
  • Actuals vs Forecast


Allows you to plan over a longer period of 5 years, with up to 3 plans - ideal for developing the 3 year business plan for yourself, the bank or potential investors.

*Prices exclude local taxes

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Everything in Essentials

  • 3 plans
  • 1 - 5 year forecasts
  • Xero integration


Our enterprise level set of forecasting tools. Complete flexibility and an unprecedented level of modelling detail and scope.

*Prices exclude local taxes

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Everything in Professional

  • Unlimited organisations
  • 1 - 10 year forecasts

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