Financial Modelling Tool for Accountants

Providing accurate and up to date financial forecasts for your clients can be the key to their success. Brixx gives you the tools to deliver the information they need exactly when they need it.

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Financial Forecasting for Accountants
A financial forecasting template that is specifically structured for Yamaha dealerships.

"Brixx is a fab product. It’s been enormously valuable for us."

Peter Wood, Accounting Servies for Business (ASfB)

Financial projection software for accountants

Your clients are experts in their businesses, but when it comes to making the right financial decisions to take their business forward they look to you to provide the expert opinion they need. With Brixx, you have access to a powerful set of financial modelling tools designed to generate clear, accurate forecasts efficiently and effectively.

With over 20 years of expertise in business planning and modeling, Brixx delivers reliable results that you can trust. This allows you to offer clear, confident advice supported by solid data. Additionally, your clients will feel assured that they are charting the right course for their business’s future.


gardening business cash flow

Who can use this Brixx template?

  • Accounting firms
  • Bookkeepers & admin staff
  • Account managers

Brixx is highly accessible for:

  • Anyone with an understanding of the overall business

What are the benefits to accountancy firms?

  • The template accurately mirrors a current business model, encompassing all aspects of sales and services
  • Simple and user-friendly, featuring clear and easy-to-read results and graphs
  • See the how additional income streams effect objects like loans
  • Instant feedback exploring different financial scenarios, e.g. special sales campaigns

Thinking big!

  • Comprehending the impact of sales on overall profit
  • Demonstrating potential earnings to secure additional funding, such as bank loans
  • Preparing in advance for lean periods, like the winter season
  • Planning resources for overhead costs, including new hires
  • Budgeting for new businesses or locations

How to use the accounting template

components of accountancy
adding forecast data
accounting reporting
accounting actuals complete

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