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This week we sat down with Berwyn, founder and director of Accware, to learn more about their usage of Brixx.

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Accware and ICAEW

Who are Accware?

Accware are ICAEW Chartered Accountants based in Greater Manchester. They work closely with small and growing businesses with a particular focus on systems, reporting, advice, and compliance.

Accware aims to deliver first-class services that the modern business demands by transitioning, where appropriate, to cloud solutions and leveraging the benefits these can bring to processes, working practices, profitability, and support.

When and how was Accware introduced to Brixx?

We asked Accware how they managed to find Brixx. Berwyn mentioned that spreadsheets were used in practice for a long time, but stated that there are inherent limitations in spreadsheets approaches, such as complex modelling, continuous maintenance, and ensuring all formulas are accurate.


“Every client has a different requirement, so you end up needing multiple solutions and the problems propagate. We found Brixx on the Xero App Store and decided to give it a go.”


“Reading through the information about the software on the Brixx website was a very encouraging moment. A flexible forecasting and cash flow cloud solution with dashboards and reports. We signed up for the free trial and started modelling immediately. With some references to the online support centre, and were pleasantly surprised with the flexibility, ease of use, and the results.”

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What challenges have you faced in your business with spreadsheets


“I lost a client… he asked for information and reports but when I presented their figures they appeared to be just numbers without explanation. He thought I was trying to pull a fast one!”

What challenges have you faced in your business?

Berwyn mentioned that Accware used to use Sage 50 Forecasting, which was good as an on-premise solution. However, they decided they needed to move with the times. As a web-based practice, it was important that any new solution was cloud-based. They looked at other solutions such as Cruchboards/Futrli which was eventually taken over by Sage, resulting in premium pricing – which was no good for a small firm of chartered accountants!


“In the meantime, we built our own solutions using spreadsheets. However, where larger clients required regular forecasting, collaboration and reporting against actuals, this becomes quite a time-consuming exercise using spreadsheets!”

Was Brixx able to help with your challenges?

Brixx is a cloud solution and highly configurable, allowing Accware to build a model that closely represents their client’s operations.


“We like the fact you can invite your clients to collaborate in the modelling and agree with the assumptions used to build a medium-term business and cash flow forecast. Brixx is infinitely better than modelling using spreadsheets with some great features to switch parts of the model on and off allowing different scenarios to be tested. The integration with Xero was a key requirement for us because we are almost 100% Xero Practice.”


“Using Brixx is great, it is just really interesting.”

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“We needed a better tool for forecasting and Brixx is lightyears ahead of spreadsheet modelling.”

Do you have any real-life examples of using Brixx?

Accware were recently pursuing another client, however when everything fell through with Sage 50, they completed a new forecast for them in Brixx. Unfortunately, they ultimately lost contact. Berwyn stated that when they did finally get back in touch, they were able to use the forecast built for them in Brixx back in the day.


“Lots of people get stuck in a spreadsheet.”


When forecasting, Berwyn stated: “The modeling and forecasting of a business is done just right in Brixx. Without getting wrapped up in tremendous detail, it’s about putting a plan together that businesses can follow and measure their actuals against. Then you can make a plan and stick to it; the business will grow and move with it.”

What specific results have you seen since implementation?

“We have seen a very positive reaction from our clients once they have been invited to access Brixx.”


The dashboard gives Accware’s clients an instant view of the cash flow (both forecasted and actuals) and other key drivers within the business.


“This ability to share Brixx, the dashboard and reports, gives rise to greater client engagement. It leads to a better understanding of the effort required to build an effective forecast. In our experience, this has led to our clients becoming more proactive with the whole forecasting process.”

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“I’ve shared the model with my client. The customer has really bought into the forecasting process because he can see what’s involved. We’re two years into forecasting, and it’s been remarkably accurate.”

What are your favourite things about Brixx?

Berwyn reiterated a favourite feature of Brixx, one that his clients are fans of:


“Clients have been impressed with the dashboard presentation and the ability to collaborate with us over the modelling. They are aware that after the initial build we have a model that can be easily modified to create different scenarios and outcomes. This ability to check and work with clients in real time where they can see the effect of changes as we discuss them, is invaluable.”


Berwyn also gave a shout-out to the support team at Brixx, saying that “the support from Brixx has been excellent and we are very happy that finally we have a tool we can confidently use for forecasting within our practice.”

What advice would you give to new users of Brixx?

“Familiarise yourself with the setting up of Brixx initially. Read the Online Help and follow the guidance they have provided. Sit down and plan how you want to build your model to present the data and then take time to understand the different methods of adding and linking data.”

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Is there anything that you’d like to see in Brixx?

“As an almost 100% Xero practice, we would like to see an even stronger integration with Xero. The existing capabilities are great and offer tremendous value, but if we could only look at Brixx then that would be even better.”

What about the future of Brixx and Accware?

Berwyn was very quick to make note that Brixx would not be leaving Accware’s sight anytime soon!


“We plan to use Brixx for any client wanting a business forecast and cash flow forecast for management and for target setting purposes.”


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