Brixx Features & Functionality

Brixx organizations icon


Organize your plans and users in groups
Brixx 10 year forecast window icon

10 year forecast window

Forecast over a 10 year range
Brixx plans icon


Use separate plans for each department, company, client or forecast
Brixx components icon


Build your forecast using Brixx components - no spreadsheets
Brixx templates icon


Template library to ensure a quick start
Brixx revenue from products icon

Revenue from Products

Forecast revenue from your products
Brixx revenue from services icon

Revenue from Services

Forecast revenue from your services
Brixx revenue from subscriptions icon

Revenue from Subscriptions

Forecast your recurring revenue
Brixx operational expenses icon

Operational expenses

Forecast and account for operational costs
Brixx employee costs icon

Employee costs

Forecast and account for employee costs
Brixx benefit costs icon

Benefit costs

Forecast NI, pension and other contribution costs
Brixx business assets icon

Business Assets

Forecast and account for your business assets
Brixx asset depreciation icon

Asset depreciation

Account for depreciation in your forecast
Brixx inventory icon


Align inventory costs with your sales forecast
Brixx asset sale icon

Asset sale

Forecast the sale or write off of assets
Brixx investments icon


Forecast business investments
Brixx investment fees icon

Investment fees

Account for investment related costs
Brixx investments payouts icon

Investments payouts

Forecast investment revenue
Brixx funding capital icon

Funding Capital

Forecast introduction or withdrawal of capital

Dividend Payments

Forecast making dividend payments
Brixx equity icon


Forecast investment rounds
Brixx loans icon


Forecast for required funding
Brixx loan repayment icon

Loan repayment

Forecast repaying loans in different ways
Brixx payment terms icon

Payment terms

Properly account for payment timing
Brixx cash terms icon

Cash terms

Properly account for receiving cash
Brixx delivery terms icon

Delivery terms

Properly account for service delivery
Brixx dynamic timeline icon

Dynamic timeline

Adjust timing on the fly to ensure a flexible forecast

Overdraft rate

Model your account overdraft rate, for an accurate forecast

Savings rate

Model your account savings rate, for an accurate forecast

Inflation rate

Account for inflation in your forecast


Test different scenarios on the fly in an existing plan

Opening Balance

Correctly model your starting position

Corporate Tax

Model the corporation tax that impacts your business
Brixx tax rates icon

Tax rates

Set any tax and tax rates that apply, for greater forecast accuracy
Brixx tax timing icon

Tax timing

Forecast accurate timing for tax payments and refunds
Brixx dashboard icon


A one glance overview of your forecast
Brixx graphic charts icon

Graphic charts

Visual representation of important insights
Brixx cash flow icon

Cash flow

Forecast and manage your cash flow
Brixx cost breakdown

Cost breakdown

See where you're spending and act on it
Brixx break even point icon

Break even point

Insight into your break even point
Brixx 3 way reporting icon

3 way reporting

P&L, balance and cash flow projection linked
Brixx flexible view icon

Flexible view

View monthly, quarterly, yearly or annual range
Brixx budget report icon

Budget report

A financial picture of your business
Brixx cash flow report icon

Cash flow report

Drill down into your cash flow
Brixx P&L report icon

P&L report

Drill down into your P&L report
Brixx automated reports icon

Automated reports

Financial summary of your business in auto-generated reports
Brixx inventory report icon

Inventory report

An inventory report based on sales and purchase
Brixx overheads report icon

Overheads report

Highlights your business expenses
Brixx unit detail report icon

Unit detail report

An automated unit detail report
Brixx product detail report icon

Product detail report

Cash and revenue product detail reports
Brixx tax report icon

Tax report

An overview of your tax obligations
Brixx balance sheet icon

Balance sheet

Easily view your balance report
Brixx actuals icon


Input your actual numbers to analyse and manage your business
Brixx actuals to date icon

Actuals to date

Report on your actual realized finances to date
Brixx actuals vs forecast icon

Actuals vs forecast

Compare your realized income and expenditure against your forecasted figures
Brixx reforecast icon


Reforecast your projections based on your actuals
Brixx version history icon

Version history

See all plan changes and recover an older version
Brixx branding icon


Customize your plan with your own branding
Brixx plan sharing icon

Plan sharing

Enable 3rd parties to view your plans
Brixx plan collaboration icon

Plan collaboration

Enable 3rd parties to edit your plans, and work together in real time
Brixx plan grouping icon

Plan grouping

Sort plans in groups for better organisation
Brixx user groups icon

User groups

Assign users to groups, for easier work management
Brixx excel export icon

Excel export

Export your plan to an excel format
Brixx PDF export icon

PDF export

Export your plan to a PDF format
Brixx PNG export icon

PNG export

Export your plan to a PNG format

Xero set-up

Automatic set-up of your Brixx model based on Xero data

Xero sync

Sync with Xero to keep your actuals in Brixx up to date
Brixx email support icon

Email support

Email Brixx support at any time
Brixx chat suport icon

Chat support

Chat with support live during work hours

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