Financial forecasting resources for your business
competitor analysis
5 min read
5 September 2023

What is Competitor Analysis? How to Conduct Competitive Research

Ever wondered what the best ways to find competitors for your upcoming business? How do you analyse them? Don't worry...

entrepreneur risks and rewards
4 min read
9 August 2023

What Risks and Rewards Does an Entrepreneur Face?

Today we take a look at the risks and rewards of starting a business. Starting your own business can be...

how to come up with profitable business ideas using ideation
7 min read
11 November 2019

How to Come Up With Profitable Business Ideas Using the Ideation Process

Struggling to come up with ideas for businesses? Don't worry, we'll take you through an easy process for coming up...

home office table and chairs with shelves
5 min read
4 April 2019

The Biggest Challenges for Entrepreneurs Working from Home

Are you considering or running a business from home? It can be very rewarding, though not without its challenges... Jo...

how to get started as a life coach
9 min read
13 August 2018

How to Begin Your Career as a Life Coach

What is a life coach? And how do you become one? This week we focus on what it takes to...

This river takes many turns but is always flowing in one direction. Cash, like the river, is complicated.
6 min read
12 March 2018

How to Start a Business from Home

Here's a quick guide on how to start a business from home with details of our top five home business...