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two tennis players shaking hands, orange box with white text "how to find and analyse key business competitors in your industry
11 min read
18 November 2019

How to Find and Analyse Business Competitors in Your Industry

Ever wondered what the best ways to find competitors for your upcoming business? How do you analyse them? Don't worry...

clipboard, orange box with text "week 3 market research - customers & competitors"
2 min read
18 November 2019

Week 3: Market Research – Your Customers & Competitors

So you've got a business idea, now you need to know whos going to buy your product or service. You...

how to come up with profitable business ideas using ideation
7 min read
11 November 2019

How to Come Up With Profitable Business Ideas Using the Ideation Process

Struggling to come up with ideas for businesses? Don't worry, we'll take you through an easy process for coming up...

Iage of laptop and black coffee on a desk for What are the Risks and Rewards of Starting Your Own Business? blog post by Brixx
9 min read
11 November 2019

What are the Risks and Rewards of Starting Your Own Business?

Today we take a look at the risks and rewards of starting a business. Starting your own business can be...

Orange Background, White Text reading How to Write Your Business Plan: The Complete Series (2 of 3)
7 min read
4 November 2019

Time Management & Productivity Tips to be a Better Entrepreneur

Starting a business is a time-consuming process.  It requires a lot of focus and attention from you and you’ll be...

17 min read
23 July 2019

6 effective ways to make money online – how easy are they?

It's so easy to make money online. Isn't it? Well... This week we're looking at 6 ways to make money...