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what is sensitivity analysis
9 min read
30 June 2023

What is Sensitivity Analysis in Finance?

Financial forecasting & modelling is all about trying to predict the future of your business and sensitivity analysis is just...

Key Financial Reports to Share with Your Board
4 min read
13 March 2023

Key Financial Reports to Share with Your Board

As a new business or start-up, there will be some big meetings ahead with your board and shareholders. Without financial...

what is a 3 statement model?
5 min read
29 June 2022

What is a 3-Statement Model?

A well-built 3-Statement Financial Model helps insiders and outsiders see how various activities of a firm work together to see...

what are the differences between cash vs profit
3 min read
1 September 2020

Understanding Profit vs Cash Flow

Ever wondered how a business can be profitable but run out of cash? In this article, we cover what is...

how to account for bad debt- improve and prepare
8 min read
11 August 2020

How to Account for Bad Debt

In this article, we tackle the concept of bad debt - what it is, how to prepare for it, and...