Profit and Loss

Financial forecasting resources for your business
what is a 3 statement model?
4 min read
29 June 2022

What Is A 3-Statement Model?

A well-built 3-Statement Financial Model helps insiders and outsiders see how various activities of a firm work together to see...

9 min read
6 November 2020

How to use sensitivity analysis to protect your business’ future

Financial forecasting & modelling is all about trying to predict the future of your business and sensitivity analysis is just...

Cash vs Profit: What are the core differences between cash and profit?
6 min read
1 September 2020

Understanding Profit vs Cash Flow

Ever wondered how a business can be profitable but run out of cash? In this article, we cover what is...

how to account for bad debt- improve and prepare
8 min read
11 August 2020

Accounting for Bad Debt: Prepare for and Improve Bad Debt

In this article, we tackle the concept of bad debt - what it is, how to prepare for it, and...

Gross Profit Section
6 min read
24 March 2020

What Goes into the Income Statement (with examples)

A profit and loss statement, also called an income statement, shows the revenue and expenses of a business, broken down...

where is operating profit located on the profit and loss
5 min read
10 March 2020

What are Operating Profits and How to Calculate Them

Operating profit is one of the most important lines on the profit and loss (income) statement. In this article, we...