Financial forecasting resources for your business
Why entrepreneurs should take risks
6 min read
13 April 2023

Why All Entrepreneurs Should Take Risks

Risk-taking is an essential part of entrepreneurship, and it's what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest. In this article,...

SWOT Analysis For Startups
6 min read
16 December 2021

SWOT Analysis For Startups

A SWOT analysis can help you see your startup from different perspectives and angles that you may not have before.

e-commerce integrations
4 min read
21 July 2021

5 (Not Obvious) E-commerce Integrations for Businesses

One of the major benefits of being an e-commerce business owner is the ability to connect your e-commerce platform to...

22 min read
3 March 2021

How to Start a Photography Business

Like all businesses, starting a photography business isn’t as simple as registering and getting hired as a freelancer in photojournalism....

Header image of a super hero cat with the title The Big Financial Terms Jargon Buster
14 min read
14 April 2020

Financial Jargon Buster Guide

When it comes to finance, jargon can quickly become confusing. In this piece, we aim to chop this jargon up...

two tennis players shaking hands, orange box with white text "how to find and analyse key business competitors in your industry
8 min read
18 November 2019

How to Find Your Target Audience Through Market Research

This week we're looking at your target market. Specifically how to find your target audience through effective market research. We...