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Budgeting And Financial Scenario Modelling For Restaurantsblog post header image of a restaurant for Brixx Software
10 min read
14 August 2021

Budgeting And Financial Scenario Modelling For Restaurants

When looking at budgeting and financial scenario modelling for restaurants, identifying and understanding the effects that events and decisions will...

header image for the Brixx blog article, E-Commerce: An Introduction To Business Forecasting And Budgeting
11 min read
25 June 2021

E-Commerce: An Introduction To Business Forecasting And Budgeting

All business owners should be using forecasting for one reason or another. Especially for e-commerce, business forecasting provides a tentative...

The ultimate guide to financial forecasting and business projections
17 min read
20 August 2019

Ultimate Guide to Financial Forecasting & Business Projections

Financial forecasting is a crucial business activity - so why isn't everybody talking about it? In this ultimate guide, we...

business growth chart on paper showing actuals and forecast
9 min read
16 July 2019

How to use financial analytics to drive business growth

The third and final part of the Beginner's Guide to Variance Analysis! In this article, we recap the methodology of...

tape measures showing centimetres
5 min read
9 July 2019

What is Variance Analysis Budgeting in Accounting?

In the second article in our Beginner's Guide to Variance Analysis, we look at the kinds of information you'll need...

train track bridge with clouds and green hills
7 min read
2 July 2019

How tracking business goals can turn your data into actions

In the first of 3 articles on 'A Beginner's Guide to Variance Analysis', I’m going to explain what actual vs...