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what is a gearing ratio
7 min read
8 May 2024

Gearing Ratios Explained – How to Use Leverage Analysis

In the final part of the KPI and Ratio series we're looking at gearing ratios, which reveal the inherent risks...

What is the Balance Sheet Forecast
6 min read
3 May 2024

What is a Balance Sheet Forecast Report?

Balance Sheet forecasting is often undervalued when running a business. This week, I go into detail about the Brixx Balance...

what is a balance sheet
8 min read
15 April 2024

The Balance Sheet Layout Explained in a Super Simple Example

A balance sheet is an essential tool used to show the value of a business at a specific point in...

Fixed and Current examples infographic
7 min read
15 April 2024

The Difference Between Fixed Assets and Current Assets

If you’re new to the balance sheet, understanding each of its components can seem like an overwhelming and complicated ordeal....

london skyline with text reading "what are positive and negative working capital"
7 min read
15 April 2024

What are Positive and Negative Working Capital

Working capital is a figure that is essential for business growth, it keeps the cash cycle moving and allows you...

what is a 3 statement model?
5 min read
15 April 2024

What is a 3-Statement Model?

A well-built 3-Statement Financial Model helps insiders and outsiders see how various activities of a firm work together to see...