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4 min read
5 October 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Three Financial Statements

Financial statements are the backbone of any business, providing a snapshot of its financial health. The three primary financial statements...

10 min read
7 July 2023

What is Goodwill in Accounting?

If you're new to accounting, goodwill isn't what you expect it to be. Goodwill can often be the cause of...

Why the quick ratio is important in forecasting
6 min read
29 June 2023

Why the Quick Ratio is Essential in Finance

The quick ratio or acid test is a great KPI to understand your ability to cover short term debts -...

Key Financial Reports to Share with Your Board
4 min read
13 March 2023

Key Financial Reports to Share with Your Board

As a new business or start-up, there will be some big meetings ahead with your board and shareholders. Without financial...

what is a 3 statement model?
5 min read
29 June 2022

What is a 3-Statement Model?

A well-built 3-Statement Financial Model helps insiders and outsiders see how various activities of a firm work together to see...

accounts payable vs accounts receivable
7 min read
16 June 2020

How Do Payable Accounts and Receivable Accounts Interact with Cash Flow

Accounts payable and receivable are one of many accounts found on the balance sheet. In this article we look at...