Brixx And Crunch: A Financial Forecasting Masterclass

Brixx And Crunch A Financial Forecasting Masterclass

Crunch has put together a Financial Forecasting Masterclass to take you through the recent integration with Brixx.

The integration between Brixx and Crunch means that you are able to visualise your company’s financial future and see the “big picture” in an easy-to-digest way. These tools will allow you to calculate all of your company’s finances and leave you with a clear comparison of your bills, expenses and profit to help you better budget for the future and improve your overall success.

This Financial Forecasting Masterclass will take you through the financial forecasting integration with Brixx and what the plan includes, how to import your Crunch data, how to create charts and reports, how to add income and expenses and how to adjust your basic settings.

Crunch’s Luke Young, Client Education Specialist, is joined by Michael Awuye, FCCA Technical Services Manager, to take you through the Brixx setup process, how to get the most out of this integration, what this could mean for your company’s future and how to use it in today’s uncertain times.

Let’s talk about this Financial Forecasting Masterclass

  • What will you learn in this Financial Forecasting Masterclass?
  • How to add Brixx to your Crunch account
  • An overview of the Crunch Financial Forecasting Masterclass
  • Learn more about the Brixx and Crunch Integration

What will you learn in this Financial Forecasting Masterclass?

Within this Financial Forecasting Masterclass, Luke Young and Michael Awuye take you through a brief overview of what Brixx is and how it is designed for startups, businesses, and accountants to help plan for the future. They cover what this integration can do for your company, how to set up your account with Brixx and how to import your last 12 months of Crunch Account data.

In this 45-minute Forecasting Masterclass, you will learn how to use the Brixx and Crunch integration to access the free Income and Cost Forecasting Plan and leverage its features to add forecasted income and expenditure, create clear charts and reports and calculate overall finances.

The aim of this Masterclass is to help you understand the basics of what this integration means and how to set it up in order to visualise key data that will help you make better financial decisions whilst having the ability to adjust and test scenarios when things change in the day-to-day.

How to add Brixx to your Crunch account

Adding Brixx to your account is simple if you have your Crunch login details handy.

  • One: Navigate to the “Add-On” section in your Crunch account
  • Two: Scroll until you see the Brixx tile and click on “Start Forecasting”
  • Three: Click on “Log In” when on the next page and enter your Crunch login information

Once complete, you will be asked to authorise the synchronisation between Crunch and Brixx. After agreeing, an automated import will begin to pull all of your Crunch data into Brixx (for 12 months prior to the sync date).

While the sync time will vary based on the amount of data you have, once complete, you will have a ready-to-use blueprint on a Brixx dashboard, allowing for easy financial forecasting.

Watch the step-by-step instructions in the Financial Forecasting Masterclass – it’s free!

An overview of the Crunch Financial Forecasting Masterclass

In this Masterclass, Luke will take you through the basics of the Brixx dashboard that you will see once your integration has been set up. While your dashboard may look a little different than what you’ll see when you watch the Masterclass, the basic data represented should be along the lines of your cash flow chart, cost breakdowns, loan repayments, assets, breakeven amount, etc.

On your Brixx dashboard, Luke will show you how to navigate between your Sales (Income), Operating Cash (Expenses), and Employees (Salaries, etc) sections. Here you will learn what is contained within these folders or groups and how to add sections depending on your needs.

You will notice that within these main folders, your data will have been imported, populating exactly as per your labelling on your Crunch Account.

Top Tip: Before adding or changing anything in your plan, you may want to head over to the “Settings” section on the top-left of the screen (ensuring you select the “Crunch” option for data importing), and customise your plan’s settings. Luke will take you through this top tip in the Financial Forecasting Masterclass in more detail but here you can customise your settings such as your plan’s start date, financial year-end, etc. He also talks you through how to, if you’ve already completed a financial year, change details like your starting cash, opening balance, existing loans accounts receivable, etc. so that your numbers are more accurate from the get-go.

Brixx And Crunch A Financial Forecasting Masterclass II

From there, Luke and Michael will show you how to enter information and make adjustments to your client folders, expenses, repayments, employee information and payment details, and more. They give you a few examples to help you visualise what’s possible with Brixx.

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to add components, set payment schedules, create jobs, adjust figures, attach expenses or income to people or clients, and more.

They even dive into the reports section and what your free plan includes, what it can mean for your financial planning efforts, and what options you have available to you if you’d like to test out one of Brixx’s paid plans.

With the Brixx and Crunch integration allowing for a clearer visualisation of money flowing in and out of the business, this Masterclass is a quick and easy way to get your integration set up right from the start to give you a comprehensive overview of your business at a quick glance.

Watch the Financial Forecasting Masterclass here:

Learn more about the Brixx and Crunch Integration

In addition to this Financial Forecasting Masterclass, Brixx and Crunch each offer additional resources on what the integration means, how to set it up, and what it can do for your company.

See how Brixx can help Crunch users bring the past, present, and future together

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