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What is an investor pitch deck?

An investor pitch deck is a visual presentation that provides an overview of a business or startup to potential investors. It allows you to present your company’s vision and value proposition in an effective manner. It also allows you to describe the problems your business may face, your target audience, business model, financial projections, and other key information that investors may find relevant.

The purpose of an investor pitch deck is to persuade investors to invest in the company by highlighting its strengths, potential for growth, and competitive advantage. It is often used by entrepreneurs and startups seeking funding from venture capitalists and investors. A well-crafted pitch deck can help to capture an investor’s attention and generate interest in the business.

There are a number of best practices that surround creating the perfect pitch deck but the number one rule is that it needs to appeal to executive audiences.

How should you structure your investor pitch deck?

Structuring an investor pitch deck can vary depending on the business and the target audience, but here is a general guideline for a typical investor pitch deck:


Start with a brief introduction about your company, the problem you are solving, and your unique value proposition.

Market Opportunity

Describe the opportunity and size of the market you are targeting. Provide data and statistics to support your claims.

Business Model

Explain how your business makes money and how you plan to generate revenue in the future. Include information about your pricing strategy, sales channels, and customer acquisition.

Product or Service

Describe your product or service in detail. Highlight its key features, benefits, and how it solves the problem you identified in the market.

Competitive Landscape

Analyze your competition and show how your product or service is different and better than what is already available in the market.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Outline your marketing and sales strategy. Include details about your target audience, customer acquisition strategy, and how you plan to reach your customers.

Financial Projections

Show your financial projections for the next 3-5 years. Include your revenue, expenses, and cash flow projections. Explain your assumptions and highlight key metrics.


Introduce your team and highlight their relevant experience. Include information about your advisory board and any notable partnerships.

Funding Ask

Clearly state your funding ask and explain how you plan to use the funds. Include details about the terms of the investment.


End with a summary of your pitch and a clear call to action. Thank the investors for their time and provide your contact information.

Remember, your pitch deck should be concise, visually appealing, and easy to follow. Avoid using financial jargon and technical terms that might be unfamiliar to your audience. Practice your pitch beforehand to ensure you can deliver it confidently and effectively.

What’s in our investor pitch deck template download?

Our free template includes all of the elements that make a pitch deck successful, and can be used within Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, or within presentation tools. Simply enter your email address and have your template delivered to you for free.

Example pitch deck templates

Whether you plan to use it to start, grow, or exit your business, having an up to date pitch deck is crucial. While we’ve mentioned the general format of a pitch deck, here are some examples from companies who have leveraged their pitch decks effectively. Before you get started, see our ten best pitch decks.


As arguably one of the most visible companies in the world, Facebook was first invested in by an outside investor back in 2004. Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist and entrepreneur, gave Mark Zuckerberg $500,000 to turn his idea into a sustainable business.

While over the general limit of 20 slides, the key takeaway from Facebook’s pitch deck is that it focuses on the numbers. By placing emphasis on figures relating to user traffic, engagement, and growth trajectory, the pitch deck slides will back its claims up with data.

Facebook Pitch Deck 


Airbnb is considered to be one of the best startup stories of our age. Their pitch deck is referenced across the internet and is a common reference for entrepreneurs.

This investor-ready pitch deck instantly hooks audiences with the introduction. Airbnb describes its business using as few words as possible.

AirBnB Pitch Deck


Square’s investor pitch deck shows the value of using social proof. They place emphasis on their team’s background because of their time at big-name companies like Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Paypal, and more. This pitch deck outlines Square’s business model as well as their simple financial model and portrays its annual revenue and five-year growth rate.

Square Pitch Deck


While considered far from impressive, Uber’s pitch deck success came from its ability to showcase their solution to a very real problem in the market. They were able to articulate the problem in a few short sentences using everyday words before presenting a no-nonsense solution.

Uber Pitch Deck

Download a free basic pitch deck template

An effective pitch deck template should allow you to fully customise it to suit your company’s needs. Generally speaking, a template should contain minimalist aesthetics to make the content the focal point. We’ve taken note of the elements that make a successful pitch deck and have created an investor pitch deck template for you to download now. Simply enter your email address above and have your template delivered to you for free.

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