Bespoke Financial Forecasting

We’ve designed Brixx so that it is as flexible and versatile as possible and will work for you whatever size your business. But even if you need a more bespoke solution we can help.

bespoke financial forecasting
Over 20 years experience of financial forecasting

From football clubs
to franchises

Brixx has worked for businesses as diverse football clubs, social house regulators and national franchises, all the way to working with Yamaha. The one thing they have in common – they all required a slightly different solution from our ‘out of the box’ standard options. And that was no problem…

With over 20 years experience of financial forecasting the Brixx Team are well versed in dealing with individual scenarios like these. It means they are not short of ideas for how Brixx can be adapted to suit your particular requirements.

Need a more bespoke financial forecasting solution?

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Our customers put it best

‘Great usability and very intuitive’

Brixx is visually engaging, intuitive and easy for the whole business team to use. We understand our business better than we ever did before – from the smallest financial detail to the overall picture in just a couple of clicks.

Ed Bird - Bird Eyewear
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