Keeping business finance simple and approachable

Creating a cashflow, profit & loss or balance sheet can be intimidating when you just want to concentrate on your core business. Don’t worry, Brixx is here to help.

Keeping business finance simple and approachable
Brixx Financial Cash Flow Forecasting for SMEs

“Brixx is very easy to use”

Pietro, SaveBiking

Brixx lets you focus
on what you do best

Whether you’ve just started your own coffee bar, or are running a well-established small business, chances are that financial business planning is not your first passion. That’s why we’ve designed Brixx to take care of all the hard work for you.

And you don’t need to be an accountant to set it up and get started, which means you can jump in and start planning straight away. Brixx handles the accounting work for you, making it quick and easy to explore your financial future. The result – you spend less time on planning and more time on putting those plans into action.


Cashflow planning is made easy

Get complete visibility over all cash flowing in and out of your business each month to ensure you have enough cash in the bank to cover your tax bill or an unexpected cost.

A detailed cashflow forecast gives you comfort that your business will have enough money over the coming months and the confidence to invest it in new ways to grow your business.


Financial tools allow to see
what’s over the horizon

Visualise your long term financial future and see the big picture. Sometimes managing short term bills and invoices keeps you so busy it’s hard to find the time to see where the road is taking you. Look at your long term business strategy with detailed financial projections up to 10 years into the horizon.

long term financial future

Model real world activities
to test out your business ideas

Our app is flexible and modular, making it easy to experiment with ad-hoc projects on the fly that differ from current every day activities such as launching a new range of clothing, or launching a huge new social media campaign.

These are the projects that will have a huge impact on your future, and so Brixx makes it easy to add these activities alongside what you are already doing. You can look at them in isolation or quickly see the impact of a change in timing, such as a shifted launch date, making it really easy to see their financial impact on your bottom line.

Model real world activities

Getting started with Brixx is simple

Just choose an option that works for your business. Foundations, our entry level option is FREE. If you need more than the basics? You can upgrade to any of our other options at any time. You can even take a FREE 7 day trial of our full Enterprise option to discover how the full power of Brixx can help your business. At the end of the trial you can chose the option that best suits your business needs or simply continue using Foundations for FREE. The choice is yours…


Perfect for entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses to create sales forecasts, budgets and look at profitability and cashflow

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  • 1 organisation
  • 1 plan
  • 1 year forecast
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Budget report
  • Income + Cost forecasting
  • Financial dashboard


If you need to start managing budgets, reforecasting sales and evaluating actuals against forecasts. Also lets you bring in the full view of all elements of your business.

*Prices exclude local taxes

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per month
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Everything in Foundations

  • Full report suite
  • 3-way forecasting
  • Tax calculations
  • Cash payment terms
  • Actuals vs Forecast


Allows you to plan over a longer period of 5 years, with up to 3 plans - ideal for developing the 3 year business plan for yourself, the bank or potential investors.

*Prices exclude local taxes

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Everything in Essentials

  • 3 plans
  • 1 - 5 year forecasts
  • Xero integration


Our enterprise level set of forecasting tools. Complete flexibility and an unprecedented level of modelling detail and scope.

*Prices exclude local taxes

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Everything in Professional

  • Unlimited organisations
  • 1 - 10 year forecasts

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Any Questions? We’re always here to help

The team at Brixx have been developing and building ground breaking financial modelling tools for over 20 years. We are a cooperative and friendly bunch and are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of Brixx.

Here are some of the most common things we’re asked about Brixx. If you’ve a question about what Brixx can do or how it will help your business we’d love to hear from you.

Do I need a financial background to use Brixx?

No. Brixx is a powerful tool for finance professionals and business owners alike. It’s designed to be easy to use for anyone with an understanding of their business. All double entry accounting is automated for you and plans are built out of common-sense components.

Do you provide support or training?

Brixx is a simple self-teaching application. We do have a YouTube channel and Support Area, and are ready to assist by webchat and email support, which is included in every subscription.

Which countries does Brixx work in?

You can choose to plan in all major currencies and we have people enjoying Brixx from over 80 countries across the world.

What is an organisation?

Organisations are ways of structuring how people access plans in Brixx. You can invite people to be members of an organisation, making it easy to manage their access to the plans created in that Organisation. Each Organisation provides a dedicated space for planning which you can control access to.

What is a plan?

A plan is a model of a business. You can use different plans to model multiple scenarios for the same business, or use each plan for a different business or project. How you use the plans available on your subscription is entirely up to you.

If you are working on behalf of several businesses, you could build one plan per client, or several plans for each client, for example.

What is 3-way forecasting?

Many planning apps just produce a Cash Flow. But cash is just one side of the story. A 3-way forecast is a linked Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, all working seamlessly together and completing the double-entry accounting necessary to produce complete financial statements.

Why is 3-way forecasting a big deal?

Because the Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet each tell you different things about a business. Cash may be “king”, but profitability, risk and valuation are important factors for both investors and business owners to understand.

Making a robust, dynamic model of a business that can be flexed and tested across time isn’t easy. Brixx automates the accounting legwork so you can spend more time making better decisions about the future without worrying about cells and formulae.

Supporting your business journey

We realise that setting up and running a small business can be a challenge at times. But you’re not on your own. The team at Brixx have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to share that can help. We’ve put together a series of articles, guides and templates designed to support you on the first steps of your journey.

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Our customers put it best

Each time we look for new funding, we produce a Brixx cash flow

I’ve looked at quite a few options in the marketplace, and Brixx seems the easiest to get my head around with my level of commercial finance knowledge.

Richard Simpson - Myconeos
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