Here’s The Latest News On The Brixx 2020 Pricing Update


Welcome to our Brixx Pricing Update!

This time we’re looking at:

  • New pricing
  • Improvements to our Professional tier
  • Website improvements

Let’s jump right in.

New pricing changes

Don’t worry, we’ve not increased them!

In fact, we’re substantially discounting our annual price points, and reducing the monthly cost of Pro. 

We made these changes to ensure Brixx is more accessible to a wider variety of users.

Previously, you’d save 20% by switching to annual billing. You’ll now save 45% by buying an annual Brixx subscription instead of paying monthly.

brixx pricing update 2020

Take a look at the table below to see how much you could save by switching to an annual subscription. 

Monthly Annual Annual Saving…
Startup £15 £99 £81
Business £30 £199 £161
Professional £45 £299 £241

Those of you currently on an annual subscription will renew at this new lower price on your next billing date.

We’ve also reduced the price of the Monthly Pro package by a third, effective immediately.

Our Business and Pro tiers will also include our Xero integration at no extra cost when that launches in the near future.

Pro tier changes

It’s great news for Pro users, not only have we reduced the price from £60 a month to £45, but we’ve also increased plan counts from 15 to 25.

These changes will give Pro users more options for planning their business, sometimes you really need to plan for that one extra scenario, and now you can!

For those of you already on our Pro tier, you’ll see these changes immediately next time you log-in.

Website improvements

Some of you may have noticed an improvement in the speed of our website. We’d noticed it wasn’t performing as we’d like, so we’ve given it an upgrade!

Functionally, it will operate the same, but navigation speed and page loading has been vastly improved. If you’re into reading our blog,  it’s something you’ll definitely appreciate!

Basic Plan Changes

If you’ve taken a trial in the past, but never bought Brixx, or have bought Brixx and then cancelled your subscription, you will be on our Basic version.

Previously, the Basic version of Brixx included a 12-month dashboard and would allow you to make changes to your plan, but it would not allow you to view reports.

Today, we’ve made some changes. Free users will now be able to view reports and dashboards, but will not be able to make changes to your plans. 
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