Brixx Insider #8 – New Articles, Features & More.

Welcome back to our monthly update, here are the headlines…

Xero Integration – Now in review

We are now in the final phase of beta testing for our Xero Integration

Thank you to all of you who have played around with it and given us feedback, it’s been crucial for finalising what we want from the full integration.

We’ve released a few small fixes this month and most of you won’t have noticed!

Xero themselves are now reviewing the integration, we hope to hear from them soon. 

The Xero partner team will approach some of you for feedback on Brixx as part of this process.

Once we do complete this stage, we’ll be progressing to release the integration in full. This will include the ability to connect existing plans to Xero, a feature that many of you have requested.

Stay tuned, we’ll communicate the full release as soon as Xero has completed their review.

New feature releases

This month we released some new inputs for the opening balance:

  • Prepayment & accrual assets
  • Other Assets
  • Wages Payable
  • Prepayment & accrual liabilities

We also released some new inputs for VAT/GST settings:

  • Opening VAT Asset
  • Opening VAT Liability

And finally, a new addition to the capital component:

  • Opening Capital withdrawn input

We hope that these new features will give you greater flexibility in your Brixx plans. These additional fields ensure that new plans created from the Xero integration have a complete opening position imported automatically.

If there’s a feature you need that we’ve not mentioned, let us know by contacting us by email or webchat.

Article spotlight

This month, we’ve changed gears a bit and released not one, but two, “How to Start a Business” articles.

The first is “How to start a clothing line from scratch”.

How to start a clothing line header image


Our digital marketing and content specialist Cal uses his vast knowledge and experience of starting his own clothing line to explain all the ins and out of getting cracking with a clothing business. Trust us, if you’re looking to start a clothing line, you’re in very capable hands with this article!

The second article we released is “How to start a dog walking business in the UK”.

Person walking dogs with text reading "how to start a dog walking business in the UK"


Tim gives a comprehensive guide on starting what is one of the most popular businesses to start in the UK.

It’s easy to see why they’re so popular when you read the article, it’s pretty surprising how profitable they can be!
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