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Brixx Development Update 1st April 2024

Brixx Development Update: 15th April, 2024

We’re excited to announce some key updates to our ever-growing software!

Software & Pricing Update

Brixx financial forecasting works for all businesses, and up to now was offered in 4 tiers:

  • Foundations (tailored as a free version of Brixx)
  • Essentials (tailored to businesses that require single plans and one-year forecasts)
  • Professional (tailored to businesses that require 3x plans and up to five-year forecasts)
  • Enterprise (tailored to businesses that require multiple plans and up to extended forecasts)

We have decided to consolidate the software into one single Brixx product, containing all the power and features for best practice forecasting.

Brixx Updates - New Consolidated Platform

The new Brixx product will start with 1 forecasting plan, allowing you to add more plans as needed, but with all features available. Experience the 10 year forecasting window, organisational tools, Xero connectivity and more.

See our full feature list.

How does this affect you?


If you were a Foundations user, you will no longer have access to your existing Brixx forecasts. You can retake a trial of Brixx and choose to become a paying subscriber, thus regaining access to your plans with all the power of Brixx at your fingertips.

Essentials, Professional, Enterprise

If you were an Essentials, Professional or Enterprise subscriber, you will retain your current price for as long as you maintain your Brixx subscription, or want to purchase additional plans

Are there any changes within the Brixx interface?

Some layout improvements have been implemented, making navigation in the Brixx interface more intuitive.

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