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11th June Update

Brixx Development Update: 11th June, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce another feature in Brixx that will take your forecasting to the next level. This latest update lets you roll your data forward, giving you the ability to continue the plan into a new period.

change forecast start date with rolling forwards

Roll your forecast forward

Rolling forwards allows your business to reforecast your financial model with a new starting date.

How does this work?

If your new start date is later than your initial starting date, Brixx will trim any previously existing forecast data, and extend your plan into the future.

If the new start date is earlier, Brixx will trim any previously existing data after the adjusted end date, adding that time to the new start of the plan.

This feature allows you to preserve and extend your components seamlessly, ensuring that your forecast remains accurate and relevant.

Where is this new feature in Brixx?

Within your plan ‘Settings’ and ‘General Settings’, you can see a new option next to your start date, named ‘Change forecast start date’.

rolling forwards location

This opens up a new window, which allows you to easily adjust your date – with clear, on-the-spot visuals to guide your decision. You can choose whether to Roll Forward or simply move the start date.

Why this matters

The Roll Forward feature of Brixx makes your forecasting and planning more dynamic and adaptable. Whether you’re reforecasting to reflect new realities, or want to extend your plan over the following period, the ability to quickly extend and extrapolate your existing forecast makes testing your figures and adjusting your business strategies in real life that much easier.

If you would like to learn more about how to use the Rolling Forwards feature, please visit our support article.

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