Brixx vs Futrli – A Financial Forecasting Tool Comparison

Brixx vs Futrli

In today’s competitive business environment, having robust financial planning software is essential for effective decision-making and long-term success. Two popular options in the market, Brixx and Futrli, offer comprehensive solutions to simplify financial forecasting, scenario planning, and analysis.

In this blog post, we will compare and contrast Brixx and Futrli, exploring their key features, usability, pricing, and customer support. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, you can make an informed decision about which software aligns best with your business needs.

Key features of Brixx and Futrli


  • Scenario planning: Brixx enables users to create multiple scenarios to simulate different business strategies and assess their financial impact.
  • Cash flow forecasting: The software provides accurate cash flow forecasts, helping businesses manage their finances more effectively.
  • Collaboration tools: Brixx facilitates teamwork by allowing multiple users to collaborate on financial plans and forecasts.
  • Integration capabilities: It seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software, streamlining data import and export processes.


  • Financial modeling: Futrli offers advanced financial modeling tools, allowing users to create detailed forecasts and perform in-depth analysis.
  • Real-time reporting: The platform provides real-time insights into key financial metrics, helping businesses make informed decisions.
  • Customizable dashboards: Futrli allows users to create personalized dashboards to track and visualize essential performance indicators.
  • Data integration: It integrates with various business systems, including accounting software and CRMs, ensuring data accuracy and efficiency.

features of brixx vs futrli

Brixx vs Futrli integrations

Integration and automation is everything in today’s digital world and having seamless integration options puts business prediction and forecasting tools like Futrli and Brixx far above those without.

Brixx integrations

Futrli integrations

Both Brixx and Futrli offer seamless Xero integration to aid in the prediction, forecasting and reporting of business financials

Brixx vs Futrli integrations

Brixx vs Futrli usability

Brixx usability

Known for its user-friendly interface, Brixx offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform suitable for both financial and non-financial users.

Futrli usability

Futrli prioritizes user-friendliness with its well-designed interface and clear workflows, making it accessible for users of all levels of expertise.

Brixx vs Futrli usability

Pricing options

Brixx pricing

Brixx offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate businesses of different sizes, including a free trial to get you started, and monthly and annual subscription options.

Futrli pricing

Futrli offers customizable pricing based on business needs, with various plans available. They may also provide a free trial period for users to evaluate the software.

Pricing options for brixx vs futrli

Customer support

Brixx customer support

The Brixx team offers responsive customer support through email and chat. They also provide a comprehensive knowledge base and tutorials to assist users.

Futrli customer support

Futrli offers customer support via email and chat, and they provide resources such as video tutorials and user guides for self-help.

Customer support brixx vs futrli

Which is the best option for your business?

Choosing the right business planning software is crucial for accurate financial forecasting and effective decision-making. Consider your business requirements, ease of use, pricing, and support options when deciding between the two. Evaluating these factors will help you select the software that best suits your needs and empowers you to make informed financial decisions, ultimately driving the growth and success of your business.

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