Financial Forecasting Software for Free:
Brixx Foundations

  • Easily create a sales forecast and a costs budget – your income and expenditure
  • View the gross profit of that sales forecast and the net profit of the business, taking into account that budget
  • View EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation)
  • The ideal solution for entrepreneurs, SMEs and divisions of large and corporate enterprises.
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Easily create a sales forecast and a costs budget
The forecasting and planning module

“The forecasting and
planning module
is easy and quick”

Joshua, Lifemesh

Sales and cost forecasting has never been simpler

Sales and costs are the foundation of any business, so crucial in fact that we’ve made forecasting them available for free. You can group your income in any way you like, by customer, type, region – the choice is yours as you visualise and run your own business.

Brixx’s modular and intuitive approach is simple to use and generates the budget report instantly. You can make changes quickly and easily and see the impact to help you determine the best business forecast.

An impressive set of tools to get you started

Unlimited organisations

1 x organisation

An organisation is an area in Brixx you can invite team members to, and build plans in. It’s the heart of your Brixx account and stores the financial plans you create.
3 x plans

1 x plan

A single Brixx plan can be used to model an entire business of any scale. You can create and test multiple scenarios and ‘what-ifs’. Plans are made from smart financial building blocks that you can combine to make a picture of your business, giving you the power to test out new ideas and plan for the future. Upgrade at any time to unlock multiple plans.
5 x year timeframe

1 x year timeframe

A 12-month plan lets you see the course of your business over this year and the consequences of decisions in the period. All Brixx plans produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports and charts that can easily be extended into multiple years when you upgrade your subscription.
Unlimited sharing

Unlimited sharing

Share your plan with anyone via an email address. Invite them as a Viewer, or collaborate live in Brixx by inviting Editors. Anyone using Brixx can share plans to you as well, giving you access to their forecasts.
Full suite of reports

Budget report

An easy to read report showing you just what you need to know – what’s going in and out of the business on an operational level. It includes income, costs of sale, operating expenses and any staff costs. If you are looking for more, upgrade to a Brixx Essentials subscription to allow you to input actuals and includes a full Cashflow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.
Financial dashboard

Financial dashboard

Spreadsheet rows and columns getting you down? Brixx visualises your cashflow in beautiful charts, which respond instantly to any change you make to your plan.

Getting started with Brixx is simple

Foundations, our entry level option is FREE. If you need a few more in depth features, our Essentials option includes many more features, including assets, inventory, loans and tax.

You can even take a FREE 7 day trial of our full Enterprise option to discover how the full power of Brixx can help your business. At the end of the trial you can chose the option that best suits your business needs or simply continue using Foundations for FREE.


Perfect for entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses to create sales forecasts, budgets and look at profitability and cashflow

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  • 1 organisation
  • 1 plan
  • 1 year forecast
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Budget report
  • Income + Cost forecasting
  • Financial dashboard


If you need to start managing budgets, reforecasting sales and evaluating actuals against those forecasts. Also lets you bring in the full view of all elements of your business

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per month
per month
Paid Annually

Everything in Foundations

  • Full report suite
  • 3-way forecasting
  • Tax calculations
  • Cash payment terms
  • Actuals vs Forecast


Allows you to plan over a longer period of 5 years, with up to 3 plans - ideal for developing the 3 year business plan for yourself, the bank or potential investors

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per month
per month
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Everything in Essentials

  • 3 plans
  • 1 - 5 year forecasts
  • Xero integration


Our enterprise level set of forecasting tools. Complete flexibility and an unprecedented level of modelling detail and scope.

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per month
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Everything in Professional

  • Unlimited organisations
  • 1 - 10 year forecasts

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Our customers put it best

‘Brixx is a fab product’

Brixx is ideal to be able to sit down with business owners to work out their figures and see if they have got a viable business idea. If they’re thinking of expanding, we can quickly and easily put in the numbers and test the assumptions.

Peter Wood - Accounting Services for Business (ASfB)
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