Smart Financial Forecasting Software for Crunch Accounting Users

Bringing the past, present and future together

How the Crunch + Brixx integration works

Bringing the past, present and future together

Automatic Data Import

The Crunch + Brixx integration allows you to access our free Income and Cost forecasting plan through your Crunch sign on credentials. Your last 12 months of Crunch income and cost data are imported automatically, ready for you to explore.

Just one integration and you get access to world-class forecasting and budgeting software used in over 80 countries.

Model the Future

Build your sales forecast and input your costs to instantly produce your 12 month forecast. Use this data to visualise your budget and plan ahead for the success of your business.

Make better financial decisions from your financial plans with the ability to adjust them and test scenarios when things change in the day-to-day running of your business.

Actuals vs Forecast

Compare your historical Crunch Accounting data with your forecasts and see how your year is progressing and what this means for the future. Upgrade to Brixx Essentials and unlock the ability to bring the past, present and future financial view of your business to life with simple, easy to add actuals you can view alongside your forecast.

See the comparison of your forecast and actual data to improve your future plans.

One integration for all your forecasting needs

Build a sales forecast

Project your costs

Gain insights into your Budget report

Check out your financial dashboard

What is Crunch Accounting?

Not just accountancy software, more a way of life.

For over a decade, Crunch have been helping members of the self-employed community just like you manage your accounts simply and effectively. By taking the pain out of doing the books, you’re free to follow your heart, do what you love, and live life to the max.

Crunch is here to support you in your quest for independence, give you the tools you need to make brave (but never foolhardy) choices, and help you set the pace for your business and life.

Crunch provides powerful, easy-to-use free accounting software that offers everything you need for a small business.

Free forever. No hidden fees, no limitations and no trials.

Unlock more features when you upgrade your Brixx Free plan

  • Get longer-term forecasts
  • Create more plans
  • Compare actuals with your forecast
  • Get more organisations
  • Unlock 3-way forecasting - P &L, Cashflow and balance sheet

Love for Brixx

It’s a really great product.

Brixx has been invaluable at keeping my sanity during this tricky year. Being able to run different scenarios with a couple of clicks has saved me sleepless nights!

Chris Maines-Beasley

BRIXX is very easy to use.

A great program has been developed behind the interface, in fact “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” as Leonardo Da Vinci said.


Love for Crunch

Crunch are fantastic.

Always there to support you, which is especially useful when you are a new business owner. Super fast and reliable service.

Annie Munday via

An amazing experience.

One of the best online accountants. I ran two Limited Companies with Crunch. I would definitely recommend them.

Milind Barve via

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