A Quick Introduction to the Brixx Business Planning Blog

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Welcome to our blog!

I’d like to take a moment to talk a bit about our company, our product and what you can expect to see from our blog in the future.

Brixx has a rich history supplying incredibly detailed and robust financial modelling software. The engine that sits behind our products is an extremely potent financial calculator. It is currently being used in the Social Housing market to create 30 year financial projections. We are incredibly proud to have developed a tool that so many have found useful and made the lives of financial experts so much easier. It’s now time for us to take this tool into the modern era.

We have taken the bold move to create a business plan app that is accessible and friendly to non accountants, targeted toward startups and entrepreneurs. Our intention is to create a powerful future modelling tool, usable through the comfort of your browser and with a friendly user interface. Ultimately we want to make it easy for entrepreneurs to get behind their numbers, empowering them to be able to talk to their lenders with confidence about their financial future.

This is easier said than done! We know our tool has the calculation power to do this and as we move out of beta our focus is very much on improving the interface to make it easier than ever to start calculating your business numbers. To peel away at the mysterious art of finance and accountancy and show it really can be simple to do.

This blog will be our outlet for our development progress and updates. Our culture is honest and open. If we do something wrong, we’ll hold our hands up and admit it. If there is something we can improve, we won’t shy away from it. Our intention is to be as open as we can about our development, what we are working on and how we want to improve the software going forward.

We’ll also be using this blog to share articles on the topic of financial planning. We’d like to help the startup community as much as possible, and share any wisdom we can offer in starting a business and making it a success. Brixx is a company of passionate individuals who enjoy working in the incredibly positive and exciting area of business startups. It is motivating for us to know that we can potentially help new ideas grow and flourish and aid people in turning their dreams into reality.

We all have an exciting future ahead of us!

The Brixx Team.

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