Brixx Update October 2021: New Inventory and Report Controls

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Read the full guide to these new Inventory features here.

Set Stock Levels – new Inventory purchase method

We’re adding another new option to automate inventory purchases in your forecast based on certain levels you want to maintain. You’ll be able to define a value to which your inventory has to drop to before a purchase is triggered.

You can also set a level to which the triggered purchases then purchase up to, and a minimum order value for purchases.

As with other Brixx inputs, you can expand these to a table if you want to vary these levels over time.

Set Stock Levels - new Inventory purchase method

Manual Inventory purchases can now be reduced by sales

Manually enter your inventory purchases whilst your stock reduces automatically through your sales forecast. Previously, inventory purchased manually could only be sold manually.

Manual Inventory purchases can now be reduced by sales

New Inventory report

This new report can be found under the “More” menu on the Reports panel. It brings together Inventory information from the Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports to display an inventory lifecycle for each month (quarter or year) of the plan.

Each of these lines can be drilled into to reveal the structure of your plan, as is standard in other Brixx reports.

New Inventory report

New Report Settings Menu

We’ve had several requests for tools to change the number of decimal places and the scale of reports in Brixx. With the new cogwheel icon on every report you’ll be able to make both of these changes, and more.

  • Toggle currency symbol on/off
  • Show/hide rows without figures
  • Adjust decimal places
  • Adjust scale (1:1, 000s, etc)

New Report Settings Menu

Improvements & Fixes

Improved Inventory Write Off

There have been some improvements to how write off is calculated by the Inventory component. Plans using Inventory Write Off % may notice a small difference due to the following changes, but only in some setups.

1. Write off now calculates in periods without a purchase

For monthly inventory purchases, Write Off now continues to apply in months without inventory purchases.

Previously Write Off only calculated on months with an inventory purchase. If you purchase inventory in every month of the plan, there will be no change.

2. Write off now calculates on full Inventory value for “Manual” purchases.

Write off %s are applied to the entire Balance Sheet value of inventory for Manual purchases, rather than just Manual purchases made in the same month.

Previously the write off % for Manual purchases applied only to the value of stock purchased that month.
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“Included in price” VAT on Inventory

“Included in price” VAT, or “Inclusive VAT” is one of the non-default options for calculating VAT in the Inventory component.

  • On the P&L report, inclusive VAT amounts were applied to Manual inventory expenses, reducing the expense on sale of stock. This has been fixed.
  • If Inventory payments were set to have a delayed impact using the Delay dropdown, and they were also set to Inclusive VAT, then the Inclusive VAT amount was added to Accounts Payable on the Balance Sheet report.

Account change for delayed VAT/GST/Sales Tax payments

If tax payments to or from the government were delayed in Settings, these delayed payments used to be displayed under the Balance Sheet Accounts Payable line, rather than their own tax liability line. This has now been fixed.

Corporation Tax Refunds can now be imported from Xero

Incoming cash from Corporation Tax accounts in Xero was being treated as outgoing on the Cash Flow (Actuals) Report. This has now been fixed.

Breakeven Chart uses Entire Plan Duration

In some cases the Breakeven Chart could present confusing information, as it displayed information for the year selected at the top of the Dashboard rather than the entire plan’s duration. The Breakeven Chart now always shows the entire plan duration.

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