Brixx & Crunch: the complete financial forecasting tool

Brixx and Crunch work together seamlessly – giving you a complete financial picture of your business to make business planning much more straightforward.

Brixx Forecasting & Crunch Accountants
Crunch & Brixx. Complete financial model of your business

Combine your financial past, present, and future

Brixx and Crunch are the perfect partnership for creating the complete financial model of your business. While Crunch handles your past and present accounting, Brixx is designed to accurately model and project your future financial path.

By connecting your existing Crunch account and extrapolating the data, Brixx will structure your business model, giving you a head start. It can also use that data to fill the initial forecast. The Brixx free option is a great place to start and understand the importance and insight of modelling your business and possibilities.


Brixx and Crunch work together
straight out of the box

Integrating Crunch and Brixx couldn’t be simpler. Just signing up using your Crunch sign on credentials gives you instant access to Foundations, our free Income and Cost forecasting option.

Your last 12 months of Crunch income and cost data are imported automatically. What’s more, Brixx structures your data for you so there’s no set up needed. You just need to start planning.

Income and Cost forecasting
Brixx is designed to make financial planning easy

Brixx is designed to make financial planning easy

Develop your Forecast

Build a Sales Forecast

Use or update your current data to accurately build a 12 month sales forecast for your business.

projected costs

Add your Cost Projections

Add in your projected costs to see instantly how these will impact your overall performance

Generate Budget Reports

Generate Budget Reports

An easy to read report gives you exactly the data you need to make better, more informed decisons

Make ‘real-time’ changes

Compare and Adapt

Add in your actuals to see how your year is progressing. Any changes you make are instantly reflected in your forecasts.

making the right financial decisions

What is Crunch?

First class accountancy software for your business

Crunch Accounting is a UK-based online accounting service that offers financial and accounting solutions, ready to help you with your finances and taxes. They provide a range of services, including bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll management, and financial reporting, all delivered through their user-friendly digital platform.

Crunch aims to simplify the complexities of accounting and tax compliance for business owners by offering accessible and affordable accounting solutions. There is no need to overpay for expensive software or a traditional accountant anymore. With Crunch, you can save more than £1K per annum on their fixed price plans. Better software, better service.

Our customers put it best

‘Brixx is a really great product.’

Brixx has been invaluable at keeping my sanity during this tricky year. Being able to run different scenarios with a couple of clicks has saved me sleepless nights!

Chris Maines-Beasley - Spark

‘Crunch are fantastic’

Always there to support you, which is especially useful when you are a new business owner. Super fast and reliable service.

Annie Munday via Trustpilot

‘Brixx is very easy to use.’

A great program has been developed behind the interface, in fact “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” as Leonardo Da Vinci said.

Pietro, Save Biking

‘An amazing experience’

One of the best online accountants. I ran two Limited Companies with Crunch. I would definitely recommend them.

Milind Barve via Trustpilot

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