The Brixx Insider #5 – Xero Beta News, New Customer Story & More

Welcome again to our monthly update, Xero beta is imminent.

We hope that you are all staying safe and doing okay.

Update on Xero Integration

The Xero integration is now in the closing stage of Alpha testing, and the release of the Beta is now imminent. 

This is a really exciting step forward for the Brixx app. As our most requested feature, we know that you are as keen as we are for release. It has been a complex and challenging task and we want to thank you for your patience throughout. 

We hope to be able to give you more information in the coming days.

Whilst the Xero Beta is live, we will be responding to all feedback, making tweaks here and there and phasing in additional features in preparation for the full release in the coming months.

I’m not signed up to the Beta and want to get involved, what can I do?

Thank you to everybody that has responded – we really appreciate you taking the time to help us improve what we do.

For those of you not signed up, and wanting to get involved – drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do!
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So what’s next?

Our next major projects include reforecast and roll forward features to compliment the Xero integration and the popular actuals vs forecast feature.

Roll forward will give users the ability to move their plans forward each month, while reforecasting includes several features, including the ability to create a new forecast based on this new starting point, without losing past actual data, or the original forecast.

The long term plan for this is to be able to roll the plan forward by one or more months, and reforecast from this new starting point, which will be based on actual data. Being able to compare the original forecast, actual data, and the reforecast based on that actual data is going to be a big step towards better forecasting in Brixx.

These features will allow you to be more agile and better equipped to deal with rapidly changing circumstances by updating figures as you go.

In essence you’ll have the ability to make your plan more “alive” rather than a static 12 month – 5 year forecast. A change I’m sure many of you will welcome!

Future integrations – have your say!

We know that many of you have been awaiting our Xero integration, but there are also those that would like to see other integrations.

Although our initial plans are to integrate with Quickbooks and Sage next, we are open to suggestions.

Feature requests and suggestions for the app can be made by contacting us through the usual channels at the bottom of this page.

In other news…..

We’ve published a new customer story! Many thanks to Bird Sunglasses for sharing their inspirational story, and how Brixx played a part in their success!

Bird Sunglasses was launched in March 2017 by three brothers from Devon – Ed, Paul and Lawrence Bird. Sharing a love of design and adventure, Bird have built-in a commitment to people and planet to every part of their business. For every pair of glasses sold they distribute solar light to remote communities in Africa through their ‘Share Your Sun’ partnership with SolarAid.

It’s always great to hear stories of success from businesses that have used Brixx along their journey!

If you have a story that you would like to share, here and on our website, then please let us know.

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