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Our free 3-Way Forecasting Guide takes you through the basics of navigating the 3-Statement Financial Model. We take a dive into exploring the basic elements of a 3-Way Forecast and take a look at what you’ll need to prepare a 3-way forecast.

Just as accounting enables us to understand a company’s historical financial statements, forecasting those financial statements allows for the exploration of how a company will perform under a variety of different assumptions and visualize how a company’s decisions interact to impact the bottom line in the future.

A well-built 3-Statement Financial Model helps insiders and outsiders see how different cogs of the business work together, making it easier to see how decisions impact the company’s overall performance.

Download the 3-Way Forecasting Guide today and take advantage of our insights into the Profit and Loss Statement. You can also use our Balance Sheet to create a powerful 3-Way Forecast that can help you plan for business growth. You can also use our free template for cash flow forecasting.

No matter the size of your business, or your industry, our free 3-Way Forecasting Guide will help set your model up for success.

Let’s talk about our 3-way forecasting guide

  • What Is A 3-Way Forecast?
  • Basic Elements Of An Integrated 3-Way Forecast
  • How To Prepare A 3-Way Cash Flow Forecast
  • 3-Way Forecasting In Scenarios

While an ideal solution for startups and businesses, Brixx offers a program for Accountants and Advisors. It gives an opportunity to offer a modern, collaborative and visual approach to business modelling for your clients. As a result, it provides the ability to deliver valuable services and advice based on their business plans. Download your free 3-Way Forecasting Guide to plan your company’s growth today. Start, grow, and fund your business signing up for the Brixx Foundations Plan today!

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