10 Best AI Tools for Your Business in 2023

ai tools for business

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the cost of hiring employees to scale your business? Do you wish there was a solution that could help you streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experience without breaking the bank? As we near 2023, businesses have a unique opportunity to leverage advancements in AI to their advantage. With AI tools once considered a luxury now accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, implementing AI solutions could be the key for taking your business to the next level.

Previously, we discussed 11 ways to use ChatGPT for your business. In this blog post, we will dive into 10 best AI tools for your business in 2023 and explore how leveraging AI can help you achieve your goals. So, whether you’re a start-up or an established company, read on to learn how you can scale your business with the power of AI.

1. JasperJasper

Jasper.ai is an AI-powered virtual assistant that streamlines customer support by handling routine inquiries, providing personalized responses, and automating repetitive tasks.

Features of Jasper

  • Content Generation: Jasper generates AI blog content, long-form AI content, and social media captions based on prompts or hints provided by the user.
  • SEO Keywords: Jasper incorporates relevant keywords into your content to improve SEO rankings, with the ability to input up to three keywords.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Jasper includes an integrated plagiarism checker to ensure originality, allowing users to search for matching text in their content (additional charges may apply).
  • Tone of Voice Settings: Jasper enables users to define their desired tone of voice for their content, providing flexibility and customization options.

What we love!

We love how Jasper can be trained on your unique style of writing, allowing you to consistently generate on-brand content across your team. By enhancing brand identity and messaging, Jasper ensures that your content reflects your brand’s voice and resonates with your audience.


Jasper offers two pricing plans:

  1. Starter plan starting at $29/month: 20,000 monthly generated words, 49+ AI templates, six languages, ten user seats, and support chat.
  2. Boss mode starting at $59/month: 50,000 words generated per month, maximum content lookback, ten user seats, support chat, long-form writing assistant, document editor, and Jasper Command.

2. Notion AINotion.ai

Notion.ai combines AI technology with project management, collaboration, and note-taking features.

Features of Notion AI

  • Smart task management: AI-powered suggestions streamline task organization.
  • Collaborative workspaces: Enhance team collaboration and communication.
  • Integration with popular tools: Seamlessly connect with Slack, Google Drive, and more.
  • Intelligent note-taking: Text formatting and organization for efficient note-taking.

What we love!

We love Notion AI’s seamless integration of AI features within a comprehensive project management and collaboration platform. The AI-powered suggestions and organization tools help teams stay focused and work more efficiently.


Notion AI offers a free plan with limited features, as well as premium plans starting from $8 per month.

3. MidjourneyMidjourney

Midjourney is a text-to-image AI that creates beautiful and visually pleasing pictures with complementary colors, artistic lighting, sharp details, and satisfying compositions.

Features of Midjourney

  • Text-to-image generation: Users can provide textual prompts describing the desired image, and MidJourney generates corresponding visuals based on the provided input.
  • Image-to-text generation: This creates a feedback loop with its text-to-image system. Users can upload images and receive four different text descriptions. 
  • Aesthetic focus: MidJourney has a bias towards creating visually pleasing and artistically appealing images by default. 
  • Easy to use: The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that users can easily input prompts and receive generated images without extensive technical expertise.
  • High-quality outputs: MidJourney strives to consistently produce high-quality images that meet aesthetic standards. The generated visuals aim to be visually striking and captivating.

What we love!

People love its innovative combination of image-to-text and text-to-image systems. The image-to-text feature allows users to extract textual descriptions from uploaded images, fostering a creative feedback loop. This, coupled with the text-to-image generation, provides users with a powerful and versatile platform for exploring visual and textual creativity. 


Midjourney costs between $10 to $60 per month, depending on which plan you need. There is also a free trial which is good for 25 image generations.

4. LookaLooka

Looka is a cutting-edge AI-powered logo design platform that simplifies the process of creating visually appealing and professional logos for businesses of all sizes.

Features of Looka

  • AI-powered design: Harnessing artificial intelligence for tailored logo creation
  • Logo files: Access 15+ logo files in high-resolution formats (SVG, PNG, EPS & PDF) with variations for different backgrounds.
  • Brand kit: Enhance your business with personalized marketing materials through 300+ branded templates and exclusive partner offers.
  • Social media templates: Utilize ready-to-go logo versions for social media, customize profile/cover photos, and create perfectly-sized posts/stories.
  • Business card designs: Generate and customize professional-quality business cards with 20 design templates and convenient file transfer options.

What we love!

We love Looka’s user-friendly interface, which makes logo design accessible to businesses of all sizes. The AI-generated logo options save time, money, and effort, ensuring that you can create a stunning visual identity for your brand.


Looka offers pricing plans starting from $20, with options for additional features and services available at higher tiers. 

5. SitekickSitekick

Sitekick.ai is an innovative AI-powered landing page builder that empowers you to effortlessly create stunning landing pages within minutes without the need for coding, design or copywriting skills. 

Features of Sitekick

  • One-click creation: Effortless landing page generation in minutes
  • High conversion rate: Expert copywriting, design, and code for increased credibility
  • AI-driven expertise: Trained on 1000 high-converting landing pages for exceptional results
  • Copyright-free images: Access to visually appealing, royalty-free photos to enhance your brand

What we love!

We love Sitekick’s industry-leading AI expertise, which utilizes data from 1000 high-converting landing pages and incorporates the latest conversion insights and best practices to create exceptional landing pages for businesses across various industries.


You can start using their free Hero plan and choose to upgrade to the Superhero plan for $5 /month, or explore custom pricing options for Sidekick Business.

6. RunwayRunway

Runway is an AI platform that empowers creatives with cutting-edge tools for image, video, and 3D manipulation.

Features of Runway

  • AI-powered image editing: Advanced retouching and effects made easy.
  • Video editing capabilities: Enhance your videos with object removal, color grading, and visual effects.
  • 3D modeling and animation tools: Create stunning 3D models and animations with AI assistance.
  • Seamless integration: Connect and collaborate with popular creative software and libraries.

What we love!

We love Runway for its affordability and user-friendly interface, allowing non-professional videographers to achieve advanced video edits. With powerful AI capabilities, Runway enables users to create professional-looking videos effortlessly without the need for extensive technical expertise or high costs.


Runway offers four pricing plans: Basic (free), Standard ($12/month), Pro ($28/month), and Enterprise (contact sales). The plans offer varying amounts of credits for video and image generation, access to AI Magic Tools, video exports, asset storage, and the number of editors.

7. DescriptDescript.ai

Descript is an AI-powered audio and video editing tool that simplifies the editing process.

Features of Descript

  • Automatic Transcription: Descript transcribes audio in real-time while you record, allowing for instant editing and clean-up of scripted recordings.
  • Collaborative Editing: Streamline your editing process with Descript’s collaborative audio editing features, enabling seamless teamwork and collaboration.
  • Studio Sound: Easily remove background noise and enhance the audio quality with Descript’s Studio Sound feature.
  • Overdub: Correct mistakes or add new content by simply typing, thanks to Descript’s Overdub functionality.

What we love!

We love Descript for its all-in-one video and podcast editing capabilities, making the editing process as easy as working on a document. Whether it’s removing ums and ahs, adding captions, or refining the audio quality, Descript provides the tools needed to polish your content and deliver a professional result.


Descript offers pricing plans starting from $12 per month, with options for additional storage and team collaboration available at higher tiers.

8. GitHub CopilotGitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding assistant that helps developers write code faster and with fewer errors.

Features of GitHub Copilot

  • Code generation: Instantly generate code snippets and suggestions to accelerate development speed.
  • Code consistency: Ensure uniformity in your project’s codebase for easier maintenance and debugging.
  • Time-saving development: Automate code generation to free up time for testing, debugging, and other crucial tasks.
  • Enhanced code quality: Leverage machine learning algorithms to discover innovative solutions and optimize code efficiency.
  • Accessibility and inclusivity: Democratize programming by making it accessible to beginners and reducing entry barriers for new developers.

What we love!

We love GitHub Copilot’s ability to accelerate coding workflows and improve code quality by providing intelligent code suggestions. It helps developers save time and reduces the chance of introducing errors in their code.


  • GitHub offers a free subscription for verified students and teachers.
  • For individuals: Subscription starts at $10 a month or $100 a year.
  • For business owners: GitHub Copilot starts at $19 per user per month. 

9. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a comprehensive customer support software that simplifies and streamlines your help desk operations. 

Features of Freshdesk

  • Ticket management: Freshdesk provides a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries and support tickets.
  • Self-service portal: Freshdesk enables the creation of a knowledge base and self-service portal, where customers can find answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshoot issues on their own. 
  • Automation and SLA management: Freshdesk automates repetitive tasks, such as ticket assignment and follow-ups, through intelligent workflows and business rules. Additionally, it helps in meeting service level agreements (SLAs) by setting response and resolution time targets for tickets.
  • Collaboration and team productivity: Freshdesk promotes effective collaboration within support teams. It allows internal notes, ticket assignments, and discussions among agents to ensure seamless coordination and faster issue resolution.
  • Integration capabilities: Freshdesk integrates with various third-party applications and tools, including CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, productivity tools, and more. 

What we love!

With Freshdesk, you can seamlessly manage customer interactions across various channels such as email, phone, live chat, social media, and more. This ensures that customers can reach out through their preferred channels, while you can maintain a unified view of all communications.


Freshdesk has 7 pricing editions, from $0 to $99. A free trial of Freshdesk is also available.

10. Beautiful.aibeautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a user-friendly cloud-based presentation platform that empowers individuals and teams to create stunning presentations with ease. 

Features of Beautiful.ai

  • Customizable templates: Choose from a variety of templates and customize them to match your requirements.
  • Automatic layout design: Let the AI engine automatically design and arrange your content for optimal visual impact.
  • Content suggestions: Receive intelligent suggestions for content, ensuring your presentation is engaging and impactful.
  • Easy collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with team members, allowing for efficient teamwork and feedback.
  • User-friendly interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that makes presentation creation intuitive and straightforward.

What we love

Presentation is crucial in the business world. Whether you’re a growing business seeking funding or doing an investor pitch deck, Beautiful.ai has the tools you need to create presentations that captivate and deliver results. Prepare to wow your audience with Beautiful.ai’s remarkable features and take your presentations to new heights.


Beautiful.ai pricing plans are as follows:

  • Pro: $12/mo
  • Team: $40/user/mo
  • Enterprise (Custom)

Introducing Brixx 

Now that you’ve been introduced to the top 10 AI tools for businesses, it’s clear that the world of AI is transforming the way we work and thrive. In this rapidly evolving landscape, we firmly believe that ignoring AI means risking being left behind. It’s essential to explore and find the AI tool that suits your business needs best. With these superhuman robots at your disposal, you can save significant amounts of money and unlock unprecedented forecasting and business modeling capabilities. That’s where Brixx comes in.

Brixx is a financial forecast software for cashflow, budgeting and business planning, that offers powerful features to help you scale your business with ease. 

Brixx’s powerful features include: 

  • Intuitive interface for exploring long-term goals
  • Visualize your financial future with professional charts and reports
  • Rapidly explore scenarios and ask “what-if” questions
  • Quick start templates tailored for SAAS, e-commerce, and hospitality industries
  • Real-time plan sharing for seamless collaboration
  • Track actuals versus forecasts to analyze performance
  • Automated double-entry accounting calculations
  • Eefortless generation of 3-way statements
  • Automated tax forecasts for Corporation Tax, VAT, GST, and sales tax

And the best part?
You can try them out for free, no credit card required.
Take a FREE Trial to experience firsthand how Brixx, along with these remarkable AI tools, can revolutionize the way you operate and grow. Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of AI and take your business to new heights. Discover the potential with Brixx and see how these powerful AI tools can be a game-changer for your success!

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