Cash Flow Forecasting Software

Know how today’s business decisions will impact
tomorrow’s bank balance

Cashflow forecasting software
build a long-term monthly cashflow projection

Brixx guides you through with cash flow software

You don’t need a financial background to forecast your business cash flow with Brixx. Its quick and easy to build a long-term monthly cash flow projection because Brixx calculates the numbers and does all the hard work for you. So you’ll have the financial information you need at your fingertips in no time at all.


Plan & manage your cashflow with ease

Brixx is simple to use cashflow forecasting software and helps you build detailed cashflow forecasts quickly, without needing to be an expert.

  • Plan all income, expenditure, assets and funding
  • A visual picture of all your financial activities
  • Full cashflow dashboard as well as detailed reports
  • Forecast monthly up to 10 years into the future
Plan & manage your cashflow

Know when to invest your money

Gain certainty around the best time to spend money on growing your business. Brixx gives you the strategic view of your finances.

  • Plan when to hire new staff
  • Know when to purchase new equipment
  • Time the launch of new marketing campaigns
  • Plan your inventory purchases
when to invest your money

Model cash based ‘what if’ scenarios

Rapidly explore how today’s decisions will affect your future cashflow. Turn any activity on or off to see the immediate impact on your figures. Get the answers you need quickly from your model.

  • What if you don’t win a key client?
  • What if my suppliers change their costs?
  • What if my product launch is delayed?
Model cash based ‘what if’ scenarios

Long term strategic planning

The Brixx cashflow forecasting software isn’t just a short term cashflow projection to help you survive the next few weeks. You can plan up to 10 years into the future allowing you to explore how you’ll achieve your vision and goals for your business.

Long term strategic planning
Brixx 90 Day Challenge

See the power of a cash flow forecast tool

The best way to get to grips with Brixx is to try it! There’s no sign up needed. Just take our guided tour of Brixx and then jump into a real session with a pre-built plan for a bike shop.

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An impressive set of cash flow tools to get you started

Automatic tax payment forecasts

Automatic tax payment forecasts

Never get caught out by a tax bill again! VAT/GST/Sales Tax amounts are calculated in your forecast. Brixx also keeps track of your profits and can automatically forecast your corporation tax bill too!
Set your payment terms

Set your payment terms

Set up how the payment terms work on your invoices and bills. For example, forecast receiving partial cash in one month and the rest later on.

Share with your advisors & investors

Share your plans read-only to investors or advisors. Use our real-time collaboration to build plans with your business partners.
3 way forecasts

3 way forecasts

The model of your business outputs your cashflow charts and reports automatically. It also generates Profit & loss and Balance Sheet reports with no extra effort giving you the complete financial picture.
Actuals vs forecast

Actuals vs forecast

Track your performance each month by copying spreadsheet data in or connecting to Xero. Our actuals vs forecast report shows you the variance at a detailed level.
Export your cashflow

Export your cashflow

Download your cashflow reports & charts in monthly, quarterly and yearly views to include in your business plans.
Financial Forecasting Integrations

“This integration takes care of everything for us...Brixx has been game changing”

Nick Stewart

Integration couldn’t
be simpler

Our integration with other accounting software completely automates the process of syncing your actuals with your Brixx forecast, giving you a head start in Brixx through your existing company data.

After a simple connection process, Brixx presents you with a structured model of your Business. Your chart of accounts gets mapped to Brixx components and your past data is extrapolated to give your forecast a quick starting point.

Learn more about our software

We realise that running a business can be a challenge at times. But you’re not on your own. The team at Brixx have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to share that can help. We’ve put together a series of articles, guides and templates designed to support you, alongside the ability to start your cash flow forecasting for free!

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