Brixx Update: Xero Integration Now Complete

Brixx Update: Xero Integration now complete

Welcome to the first Brixx Update of 2021.

We’re very pleased to announce the full release of our integration with Xero!

We would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the Beta phase and offered us feedback – without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.

What is the Brixx & Xero Integration?

The integration allows you to do several neat tricks, here’s how it works:
What is the Brixx & Xero Integration?

Step 1) Connect to Xero

Our partnership with Xero allows you to get a head start in Brixx through your existing company data.

Once connected, Brixx presents you with a structured model of your business based on your Xero data and connected to the components of your plan. You can also connect an existing Brixx plan to your Xero account to bring across actual data to set against your forecast.

Connect Brixx to Xero

Step 2) Model the future

Each component in Brixx allows you to forecast an aspect of your business. Initially these are based on your Xero chart of accounts.

Adding in more components enables you to model future activities in a modular and flexible manner, making scenario testing intuitive and easy, while retaining a link to related Xero actuals for comparison.

Easily plan new hires, asset purchases, new product launches and so much more.

Model the future

Step 3) Compare actuals vs forecast

The Xero integration allows you to compare your Brixx forecasts with your Xero historical data, instantly.

Carry out variance analysis at a detailed level on the Brixx actual vs forecast reports to keep your goals and budgets on target.

The long and short of it is that you can now save even more time with Brixx by populating your Brixx plans & actuals with your existing Xero data. Learn more about Xero data, including add ons.

Xero Integration Pricing


We thought long and hard about how we would price our integration with Xero, coming up with lots of different ideas and possibilities.

But, we are pleased to say that if you are a new or existing Professional Brixx subscriber, you will receive the integration at no extra cost.

We came to this decision largely due to the integration working in tandem with our popular actuals vs forecast feature, which is also available at no extra cost on Business and Pro subscriptions.

So, if you’re on Professional subscription, the good news is you’ll see this live when you next log in.

And if you’re on our Foundation tier, now has never been a better time to upgrade, as we’ve recently dropped the price of all annual subscriptions.

What’s next?

Now that the hard work on the integration is complete, some of you might be wondering what’s next for the Brixx app.

In the short term:

  • Adding prepayment forecasting options to income and expense components.
  • New report options, including hiding Xero account names and decimal places.
  • Reforecast reports featuring a period of actuals followed by a forecast period
  • A revamp to the way inventory works, including maintaining a certain level of stock.
  • The ability to manually adjust taxable profit

In the long term, now that we’ve laid the groundwork with our Xero integration, we’ll be working on more integrations, such as Sage and Quickbooks.

We’ve also planned some of these exciting projects:

  • Actuals vs forecast on the dashboard
  • Custom dashboards
  • Weekly reporting
  • Plan consolidation

We do hope you enjoy using the integration – please do let us know of any feedback you have!

Until next time, stay safe.

The Brixx Team

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