Week 13: The Business Plan Part 3 – The Financial Plan

the business plan part 3 - the financial plan.

Welcome to Week 13: The Business Plan Part 3 – The Financial Forecast

This is the final part of the business plan series. (you can find Part 1 and Part 2 here)! It’s also the penultimate week to the entire 90 Day Challenge!

We’ve been excited to release this week as it’s about our favourite subject – financial forecasting.

A financial plan is essential to any business plan. But it’s also essential to you as a business owner, to give you a solid grasp of your finances. 

This is one of the biggest elements of the business plan that we’ve been building up to throughout this guide. 

Financial Projections Guide For a Startup Business Plan

In the Financial Projections Guide For a Startup Business Plan we cover making a financial plan, and what to include in the appendix of your business plan document. We’ve broken making a financial plan down into 5 steps – here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Section 9: Financial Plan

  1. Structuring your plan effectively
  2. Filling in the gaps
  3. Making three (or more!) different scenarios
  4. Understanding your financial reports
  5. Presenting your financials in your business plan
  • Section 10: Appendix

Next week sees the end of our blogs in our 90-day challenge series. We look at the daunting task of actually pressing the button and launching your business. We break this down into 3 articles;

  • Beta testing for a new business
  • Mastering the soft launch
  • How to launch your business and generate fast growth.

See you next week!

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This blog post forms part of our series on how to start a business in 90 days. For an overview of the series and all the blog posts so far click here.

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