Week 9: Website – How to host, design and launch your website

Welcome to week 9: Website-How to host, design and launch your website! Last week we looked at branding.

This week we’re going to start looking at designing a website to help achieve your business goals. 

Pretty much all businesses will have a website. A website is a great place where you can showcase your brand and your product. 

If you’ve never made a website you might think that you need a lot of technical know-how, however, this process is actually a lot easier than you might initially think.

By the end of the week we hope to convince you to build your own website. However, we’ll also give you some tips on how to approach a web design agency if you’re pressed for time.

This week’s topic is split up into the following articles: 

How to set up a website 

In this article, we’ll be going through the process of setting up your company website. Before you set up your website, you need to determine what your strategy is going to be. You need to decide what the core purpose of your website is going to be and what you want your customers to do once they’ve landed on it. Once this has been decided, you need to commence the setup phase. By breaking these steps down for you, we hope to make this process a lot simpler. 

How to design a website 

Once you have set up your website, you can move on to designing the look and feel of it. The overall design of your website will be informed by your market research which you started back in week 3. There are a lot of steps in the design process, however, taking the time to design something that appeals to your users should help you meet your goals. 

How to use analytics to measure the success of your website

When you’ve launched your website into the world you need to monitor its success. In this article we’ll show you how to use tools like Google analytics to track how well your website is meeting its goals. 

Next week we’ll look at the forms of funding available to your startup. There are a lot of costs associated with setting up a startup and you may need funding from an external source. If this is you, make sure you stay tuned for next week’s articles!

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